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Why Hire A Freelance Blogger

What is a blogger?

Quite simply a blogger is a person who writes on a regular basis for a blog.  BUT – the person doesn’t necessarily need to write on a regular basis for their own blog, they can also be a freelance blogger.  As you know, I am a blogger.  I am the owner/writer for The Stuff of Success, Many Cooks In The Kitchen and Momma On A Diet.  I have taught several people how to create their own blog and steps to success.  I have not marketed that service – it is mostly something I do out of good will for persons who I think will be committed to success.  After all – blogging is not a get rich quick scheme.  It can take a while to make what I would call decent money and it takes commitment long term.  I did not have a mentor when I decided to try blogging and I floundered around for a long time.  In fact, when I started blogging it was with no intent to make money (didn’t really think it was possible) and it was more about documenting life with my family, sharing crafts and DIY projects and having fun.  After two full years I decided I really wanted to try to make money.  Now it is a healthy balance on The Stuff of Success, of life, fun, the things I love and making money for me and my sponsors.

Freelance Blogging

With freelance blogging you can actually still make money without a blog.  Many bloggers have multiple sites and simply cannot do all their own writing.  I have hired bloggers on more than one occasion.  At one point I had an entire staff of writers.  Now, I have many writers that pay me to write for me… Yes, that does happen and almost on a daily basis.  There are many reasons to partner with freelance bloggers – maybe you want to take a break from your blog, go on vacation, focus on another initiative for a while…  I have worked with FIVERR on some projects but it depends on the project.  Often there seems to be a great deal lost in the translation of what I am looking for.  I don’t have a problem working with non U.S. persons or organizations but their English needs to be as grammatically correct as possible.  Running an article through Google Translate is not a viable option.

Freelance bloggers can provide proofreading services, blog writing, white paper writing, article writing, website content writing, copywriting, transcript writing, text editing and so much more.

Influencer Marketing

Blogging isn’t the only method of influencer marketing – in fact, this year (2018) has seen a major shift to social media marketing and new strategies.  As a blogger/writer you must be willing to embrace industry changes because they literally change all the time.  Nothing ever stays the same so personal flexibility, adaptability and constant learning are required.

Branding and Building

There are so many ways to brand yourself and build your website and future but I highly recommend not doing it on your own.  Don’t waste time spinning your wheels – stick with persons and organizations that have a proven success record.  Nancy and Behrman have all the resources you need to achieve success without entering this venture on your own.  How do you best achieve success?  By learning from those who HAVE!



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