Advice For Purchasing The Right Mattress

If you sleep for eight hours each night, you will ultimately spend 2,688 hours annually in your bed. The sort of sleep you get has a massive impact on your mental, physical and emotional quality of life.

Your mattress has the ability to affect the manner in which you function throughout your day, and therefore it is critical to obtain the finest mattress you possibly can. In order to maintain optimal, health, you must get proper sleep. Essentia helps make that possible.

1) Is A New Mattress Truly Necessary?

A solid night of sleep paves the way for a great day. Have you noticed that:

a) your sleep is less restful than it was just a year prior?

b) you have aching or stiffness upon rising each day?

c) the matttress you use tends to sag or is characterized by lumpiness or excessive wear?

d) your mattress is at least 6-8 years of age?

The lifespan of any mattress will be based on its material composition and the type of use it has received. Chiropractic professionals and mattress manufacturers generally recoomend replacement of a mattress every 6 or 8 years.

2) How Do I Select The Right Mattress For My Needs?

It is necessary to acquire a good amount of knowledge about mattresses in general so that you understand how to select just the right product. In general, the two kinds of mattress products widely available are memory foam and innerspring.

An innerspring mattress tends to be the most frequently purchased product, and it is known for its coiled spring system that is fixed between padding and foam materials. These are the most cost-effective options, and they last roughly 5-10 years. Spring coil mattress systems cost a mere $13 dollars on average to produce.

A memory foam product, like these Walmart mattresses, is comprised of thicker-density material that costs a bit more and offers tremendous support for the body. Of course, not every memory foam mattress is the same, so a due diligence is required to choose a good one.

3) The Mattress Buying 3-S Rubric

Whenever you begin the mattress buying process, remember that support, softness and size are essential factors that need to be considered.

a) Softness is what offers the highest degree of comfort, regardless of the position or angle at which you slumber. Simply trying a mattress for a few moments in a furniture store is insufficient to know if the product will work in the long-run.

b) Support is important, because you need a mattress that can fully and properly hold the shape of your body during sleep. A quality mattress is one that can support the body and keep the spine in the best possible position.

c) Size of the mattress is vital, given the fact that average sleepers experience 40-60 movements each night, with the entire body shifting between 10 and 12 times. There are 7 Essentia mattress size options from which to choose.

d) Cost is always a factore – check out the best mattress under 300.

Determining Proper Size

Important considerations when choosing a mattress size include thing such as lifestyle, whether a partner will be present, firmness preferences and budget.

The wise thing is to buy a mattress that offers an extra 4-5 inches lengthwise for you as well as your partner and one that is wide enough to slumber without disrupting the other person in the bed.

4) Mattress Cost

The price of a proper mattress for your needs will depend on how large it is and the materials used to construct it. Ideally, you will endeavor to purchase the highest quality product your budget will allow so that the sleep you get each night prepares you to have great days.

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