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Yes, You Can Save Money AND Heat Your Home

When we bought our first home it was really tiny – literally only 800 square feet with no basement.  Energy costs were not that high.  Then we bought a four story home!!! Lordy the phenomenal increase in energy costs were not something we anticipated at all – not even a little bit. We have lived in this home for 18 years and I never cease to be amazed at the expense of it all

Here are some of the ways we have learned to save money and energy:

  • We have all heard – turn down the thermostat.  But every time I tried doing that I just couldn’t handle it – I hate cold.  But when we started turning it down in tiny increments each day it became far less noticeable.  I also turn it down even further at night – we love to sleep bundled up!
  • Our home is four stories tall and although there are alot of us and many spaces to occupy – we also have spaces that we don’t occupy much at all.  We block those rooms off and don’t heat them.  Be careful with this one and make sure there are no water pipes that could potentially freeze.  To combat potential pipes freezing and keeping small spaces warm we use the best space heaters.
  • We always had “stuff” blocking our radiators and we learned to make sure they were cleared during the colder months.  We need to allow them to operate as efficiently as possible.
  • When cooking you can easily turn the radiators down a bit – let the kitchen/cooking heat save you some money.
  • On windows and doors use self adhesive draft tape and we put bubble wrap on all our windows – yes it does help.
  • Add heavy drapes to keep the cold air from entering the house.  In our bedroom that has the dual purpose of blocking out light – we cherish the few hours we get to sleep!
  • We turn our heat down when we all leave for work and school – no reason to heat while we are not home.
  • Use Energy Tracking Software to see what else you need to work on – don’t miss any opportunity to save energy (and money)!

What tips do you have to save money on energy?

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