IG Charcoal BBQ – A Phenomenal Charcoal Grill

This summer my son was turning 18 and one of the life skills I wanted to teach him was how to grill.  Except – I am petrified of a gas grill – yup, that and a lawn mower.  There is good reason for a lawn mower – I had accidents with both a driving mower and a push mower.  The gas grill fear though – no real basis for it.  Now, my husband could easily have taught him how to use a gas grill but I was the one who was home so I wanted to teach him.  We ran to the store and bought supplies and a tabletop charcoal grill.  Not like a hibachi – an actual grill.  What a waste of money.  With little kids running around the last thing we should have bought is a tabletop charcoal grill.  So I was able to teach him the concepts but yeah, we were not gonna use that grill again.  First of all, we have 9 people in our house – a tabletop grill of any kind is not gonna cut it.  Second – we needed a sturdier, larger option or perhaps even one of the best charcoal smoker grill combo.  Two summers ago a friend of mine introduced us to charcoal smokers and this was revolutionary for us.  We now do a great deal of cooking on our smoker too!

This IG Charcoal Grill is the best solution ever!  It is a nice large size – I think the only thing larger was when I was a child my aunt and uncle had a trash barrel cut in half that they used for a charcoal grill.  The grill did need to be put together – I really really am terrible at following instructions.  I tend to wing it.  Fortunately my husband helped today and I just followed his commands.

Almost done!  It really didn’t take too long to put together and I probably could have done it even without the instructions.  But my husband helping was so much better.

The grill is on really nice wheels – they roll over anything and everything.  Two of them have brakes while two do not.

The ash collection tray pulls out nice and easily so charcoal remnants can be cleaned up in a jiffy.  No major mess at all and easy as can be.

The charcoal platform can remain low or be raised up by the rotating charcoal handle to be closer to the cooking surface offering so much flexibility.

Both sides can be up and used as food preparation surfaces, or they can be down – such as when we have it under a cover and not in use.

The IG Charcoal Grill is a stainless steel grill and there is even a storage shelf beneath the cooking surface.  This grill offers a whopping 503 square inches of cooking space!  Just what we need when cooking for 9 people on a regular basis.  The grill grates (2 of them) are easily removable with carrying handles for easy cleanup.

Where can you get yourself one of these awesome grills?

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