5 Proven methods to help Relieve Hip Pain

Every joint in the body is important, & each joint has its own crucial function.  Now the hip joint is especially necessary for keeping the body balanced & upright.  If your hip joint is in a weakened state, then it can affect your ability to move & walk.  By following some helpful tips, you can successfully deal with hip pain symptoms over time, all without having to spend a fortune.  However, the first step would involve consulting with your physician to identify the root cause of your hip pain.  Here are 5 tips that are often overlooked, & yet have been proven to help with various types of hip pain.

  1. Are you using proper footwear?

What shoes do you wear?  Are they supportive for your feet?  Make sure that your footwear is comfortable & provides enough cushioning for your heels.  And the arches of your feet should likewise have proper support.  If you are a runner, this is even more crucial.  Your hip joint & knee joint will be adversely affected if your shoes are inadequate.  Moreover, do not keep using shoes that are old & worn out, ditch them & invest in some high-quality footwear.

  1. Weight loss is essential

If you are gaining weight to the point of obesity, it can be detrimental to your entire body. Excess fat will weaken muscles & can lead to extra pressure on the joints.  If you are experiencing hip pain, it’s a good reason to start losing weight.  However, do not resort to extreme diets or over-strenuous exercises.  Start slowly & progress gradually.  You could set a realistic goal to lose 2 pounds per month with a balanced diet & appropriate exercise.

  1. Increase physical activity

If you are experiencing pain in your hip joints or thighs, you need to work on strengthening the surrounding muscles by means of specific exercises.  Your hip pain symptoms will gradually improve with the right approach.  Physiotherapy & professional trainers are excellent resources to establish a customized exercise routine.  Stretching is very important before working out.  You can also spend more time in the water.  Aqua fit classes or even swimming on its own are probably the safest forms of activity due to the reduction of gravity.

  1. Do not over exercise

Starting your day with a gentle stretching & exercise routine is ideal for anyone.  But your body will let you know when enough is enough.  If you feel intense pain or if a certain exercise is making things worse, stop immediately.  It’s better to check with your doctor before continuing if you are working on trying to shed some pounds.

  1. Use ice and heat

Hot showers or baths can help to relax muscles.  On the other hand, ice packs can help with inflammation.  You can even alternate between heat & ice on & off every 10 to 20 minutes.  If your hip pain symptoms haven’t improved in a few weeks, discuss this with your doctor.

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