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So, the day started just like any other day…  And quickly became a day to remember for all of us.

We woke to a normal Sunday Funday… Yes, they are Fundays.  That is the one day of the week where everyone in our house is home (sort of home).  We spend time at the barn with our friends and our horses and we spend time at home with all four generations under one roof – all 9 of us!  Life can be chaotic in our home but it can also be the best of times.  There are occasional Sundays where we kind of just hang out but we prefer to make them memorable and yesterday was a gorgeous 55 degree day and the rain pulled out in the morning.  What better day to have a full blown party!

We didn’t think the party was going to be able to happen – Saturday was our first Nor’Easter of the season and it didn’t fully pull out of our area until about 10am.  But then the sun came out and we moved on with our plans.

I will start by saying we held the party at Valley View Riding Stables and originally had planned to involve some ponies or horses but with all the hooting and hollering and screaming fun it seemed best not to involve the horses.   We do have three horses of our own there but no one wants to spook a horse so we let them observe from a distance.


First we had our supplies from Just Add Color – There was also a package of Blue but that was outside the box.

Check out this awesome party pack.  Five pounds of each color, 10 Golden Ticket Invitations, Three Powder Paint Brushes – our pack also included some powder bottles and some party bracelets for our guests.

In the pack there are also tips for throwing a great party and possible party games in case you need some inspiration.

We held our party at the barn so we used the horse jumps – see how high, don’t touch the jumps, who is the fastest etc…

There were games of color paint tag intertwined and just overall loads of fun.  We had our invited guests and we had several “walk ons” – color party or not we welcome anyone who wants to join in any of our fun.

I also did purchase quite a few blank white tshirts that were on sale with an additional markdown at Michaels Crafts.

I actually got so caught up in the party that I never even took the time to put my white shirt on – but the color was more than visible even on my shirt!

So here are the highlights:

  • My 2 and 4 year old grandsons had just as much fun (perhaps more) as some of the older folks like me.

  • The fun was just as incredible for every age and every ability – my 17 year old son is autistic and although it took some persuasive skills on my part before hand, he did end up complying and was overjoyed once he started participating.

  • My 6 month old granddaughter didn’t get to participate but she sat by in her stroller and was enjoying all the hooting and hollering as much as those of us who were participating.

  • Many of us have been going through some really trying times lately and you can see by the photos and the videos that life was forgotten for about an hour and a half.

  • We didn’t think the paint would last more than 15 minutes – we never had a party like this before.  But it lasted far longer and everyone wants to know when the next Color Party will be!

Now fortunately since we have four generations in our house – we also have multiple bathrooms.  Those that took a bath had very colorful water afterwards.  Most of the color came off of us but the boys seemed to have a bit of hair color still this morning – not much, more like a highlight.  It should go away after a couple washings.

The showers were easy as can be with plenty of soap.

The bigger issue was getting into the car full of the powdered paint – car seats (for the kids) were full of the paint and we needed to wash all car seat covers; but even our vehicle seats were quite colorful.  I had to wash those down with just water and a paper towel before I could get in this morning or my work outfit would have had added color.

We had so many great photos from this Funday so the best way for you to see them is through this video…

There were a couple frowns from the little ones afterwards because they were so sad to have the event complete and frankly, by then they needed naps…  But you can see smiles all around!

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