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This is such a fun game for people of all ages.  The Floor is Lava is based conceptually on a game we all used to play as children.  I played it indoor and outdoors – my parents definitely preferred outdoors.  When played inside we would be jumping and climbing all over the furniture.  This game is so much safer!

This new board game – The Floor Is Lava – is by Endless Games.  It begins with three sized foam tiles which are five different colors.  You can play it inside or out.  Spread the foam tiles out in random orders.

Each person selects a colored tile to stand on to begin the game.

Next someone spins the spinner.  The challenge is to quickly move to a tile that is the color the spinner just landed on.  If I was on green and the spinner says red – I must quickly move to red.  The last person to move to red, has their previous tile removed from the game.  Eventually the tiles become fewer and fewer and game play becomes very challenging.  If the spinner says the color I am already on – I can stay there.

Some of the foam tiles have a question mark on them.  If I land on a tile with the question mark, I need to pick a challenge card and complete that challenge while I am standing on the tile.  At no time should the floor be touched.

The winner is the last person on a tile!

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2 thoughts on “The Floor Is Lava – Endless Games

  1. diceygoblin says:

    Great! It seems to me that during the pandemic, Board games became especially relevant, we began to spend more time at home with our family, and more often gather for Board games. This is a very fun pastime, the main thing is to choose games that are suitable for all members of your family

  2. Diane Eral says:

    Since the last “lockdown” from being out in society, our family played more board games. So, I guess something positive did happen!

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