Finally – I Have A New Pair Of Slippers

I have not had actual slippers in years.  Sure I wear something around the house but it is usually a pair of Crocs.  They also seem to be community shoes – my kids grab them whenever they want to throw something on their feet so half the time they aren’t around when I am looking for them.

So I started my search for slippers.

They had to be very comfortable so memory foam was a must.  My feet hurt all the time – this was not something I could compromise on.  I was also looking for slippers that are flexible and feel like basically – my feet.

I found FOOTTECH slippers – very flexible with memory foam inside.  Okay so that is definitely a start!

These slippers are available on Amazon in three different colors – Light Gray, Marl Gray and Pink.  Mine are Marl Gray.   I am not sure what “Marl” is but they are a medium shade of gray.

I love the rubber bottoms – so if I need to run out and grab the newspaper, that isn’t a problem.  I don’t need to worry about changing.  The inside is fleece lined so my feet are nice and toasty headed into the colder months.

They are easy to slip on and into and so incredibly comfortable.  I couldn’t be happier.

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