“Genres of Rings”

There is a historical convention of wearing rings, not only in Indian tradition but in the foreign culture also. There are different types of rings and every finger on which you wear a ring has a distinct symbolic definition. Especially in India, having on a ring is both a traditional belief as well as the interest of an individual.

Variety of Rings:

  • Promise ring

A promise ring is a reflection of allegiance between two individuals. These rings are often considered as the first official emblem of a significant relationship. But, these rings are not always a commitment to love, these things can also so be a symbol of a joint commitment between any two people.

  • Engagement ring 

Engagement rings are usually diamond rings that are designated to a woman by a man when they mutually concur to get married. More often, Engagement rings are represented as profligate of man’s wealth.

  • Wedding rings

Wedding rings are usually worn on the left hand’s ring finger. These rings are of gold. The circle of these rings is considered to be the symbol of perpetuity. There is a large variety of such gold finger ring designs from which anyone can choose the perfect wedding rings.

  • Mood rings

The Rings with glass or ‘Quartz’ stone which are usually hollow shells filled with liquid crystals. It is a special kind of ring that consists of a thermo-chromatic element due to which the color of the Ring changes depending upon the temperature of the finger of the particular person who is wearing it.

  • Eternity band

Eternity band or ring is a band which continuous rose of identical stones usually there are diamonds. These gemstones completely cover the band and these rings are gifted by husbands to their wives on their wedding anniversary as this symbolizes never-ending love.

  • Fashion ring

The fashion ring is usually we worn simply to indicate once fashion sense and not depict an important event like the engagement ring for engagements, wedding ring for weddings and class ring for graduation or a promise ring for any commitment.

  • Signet Ring

The Signet ring is usually a normal ring with initials or letters carved into it, it can also have a design that is related to the initials of the person’s name. This is also known as the Gentleman’s ring, as it was said to be used as a personal signature by pressing it in wax or clay to create a unique and personal seal or signature and also a symbol of any family heritage.

The designs and variations in the collection of rings are not limited to these. There are many more styles of gold finger ring designs like the contemporary rings, the cocktail rings, the cluster rings, the Claddagh rings, birthstone rings, estate rings and many more. It’s totally up to one’s own interest that what type of ring they prefer and like to wear, Buying a valuable and pricey ring is a serious matter as you are going to have it all your life so make sure that you buy the perfect ring that suits you best. You can also choose gold bangles online if you are willing to gift on any occasion.

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