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How Good Are PVC Roofs?

PVC membranes are ideal for flat roofs. Furthermore, they have numerous properties that make them ideal for industrial properties. They also don’t affect overall design of a structure which is great if you wish to go with a more simplistic design.

But, although this material has shown lots of advantages for commercial properties, how does it look on a residential property? Homeowners are used to classic products such as asphalt shingles and continue avoiding amazing items such as PVC roofs.  Reaching out to Roofing Company in Mt Lebanon Pennsylvania will help you determine what type of roof is best for your home.

The question is: Are they right?

In this article we will discuss pros and cons of PVC roofs and whether you should use them for your own house. Read on!


In most cases, people prefer going with roofing products that are cheap. In the end, not everyone can afford slate or PVC. But, are they really that more expensive?

For example, the price of a PVC roofing service goes from 6 to 10 dollars per square inch. If you used, asphalt shingles, you would pay less than a dollar for the same surface. That being said, it seems that asphalt has a clear advantage.

Well, not really.

This price can be really deceiving if we consider the fact that the traditional asphalt roofs last somewhere between 10 to 15 years. On the other hand, PVC will last for at least 20 years. This is a significant difference from the get go.

But it gets even better.

PVC rarely breaks. It is really strong and sturdy and unlike most other roofing products; it doesn’t require as much maintenance. In fact, there is a good chance that you will never have to climb on the roof to check it or perform any repairs. This is not only saving your money but also time.


When it comes to design, traditional roofing materials will usually have the advantage.

PVC membranes usually come in white color which can be great for modern structures. Given that its installed on flat roofs or low slope roofs, this usually doesn’t pose a problem. However, if the roof is a bit sloped, it will become noticeable that this material is not perfect for traditional American houses.

But again, there is a workaround.

In terms of design, it all depends on what you perceive as good-looking. For some individuals, this might be an ideal alternative to otherwise boring traditional materials. It can also look great for homes that incorporate a lot of glass, metal or slate. In that regard, PVC can fit these material like a slipper.

If esthetics are your main preoccupation, make sure to check images on the web and see how PVC looks like on various types of homes. Only then can you figure out whether or not this is the right thing for you.

Various properties

Although PVC may not be ideal in terms of design or price, it definitely excels when it comes to its properties.

As already mentioned, this roof can last for a long time. It is also very durable and hard to puncture. It is basically twice as hard to puncture compared to standard roofing materials. Furthermore, when welding, a waterproof seal is created that doesn’t allow water to run through cracks. All that being said, you can rest assured that leaks will never be your problem.

But PVC is also great for its various resistances. It is resistant to water, fire, strong wind and various chemicals which is why it’s so popular for industrial buildings. Whether it’s a typhoon, forest fire, chemicals, or extreme weather, you can be sure that PVC will endure it all!

So, if you prefer protection over price or design, this is definitely something you should consider.



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