Guide on Gold Bangles Designs And How To Choose?

Colourful, distinctive, idiosyncratic and radiant is what bangles represent. Happy and merry Bangles teach us to be free spirited despite the weight in the hands, despite being contained and despite the limitations. Above all the soothing jangle it creates is beyond words. Since childhood we have all been in habit of hearing the rattling of bangles and payals in our households and we carry the nostalgia till date.

What makes bangles so special?

Red, green and Yellow bangles are predominantly used during weddings, auspicious occasions and for gifting our loved ones. Red signifies energy and prosperity, while green denotes good luck and fertility. Yellow bangles are meant for happiness, white is for new beginnings and orange is for success as you can see from reviews in India. Likewise Silver bangles denote strength and gold bangles are the ultimate symbol of fortune and prosperity.

The Charm of Gold Bangles

A jewellery staple, bangles are fondly worn by Asian woman. Coming in different colours, patterns, and sizes bangles are the main accessory which you find in every woman’s jewellery chest. Someone rightly said a woman can never have enough bangles!!! Now shop from a wide range of gold, antique, diamond, pachi, polki & navratna bangles. With the advent of online shopping, you can explore a variety of gold bangle designs with price.

Unlike other Jewellery items like the Harams, Necklaces and Earrings, Gold bangles are not age specific. For example: Gold necklaces would go well on women in the age group of 20-50, gold hoops would go well on teenagers likewise gold studs are apt on aged woman etc. In contrast gold bangles are not restricted to age. They look beautiful across all age group of woman making them an evergreen Jewellery item.

Latest gold Bangle Designs

Daily wear Bangle: They are sleek and light in design and weight, can be used on a daily basis. They have high wear and tear.

Office wear bangle: Woman these days prefer to wear subtle, simple and stylish bangles as a part of their office wear. These bangles go well with the professional attire. They are ideally designed in white gold and rose gold.

Diamond Bangle: Apt for every occasion, diamond bangles offer the much needed grace on the delicate wrist of a woman. They are most likely to come in 18K gold with high tensile strength in order to hold the diamonds.

Single Bangle: They contain all the beauty of a pair of bangles in one single piece; they are also apt for office wear.

Broad Bangles: Broad bangles are used as standalone pieces or for mixing and matching them with other lighter bangles. They offer a fulfilling effect to the hand; they come in a variety of designs. It is worth exploring the Vaibhav jewellers collections, they include artistic broad bangles that contain beautiful depiction of Lakshmi kasulu, dancing damsels, floral sequences, Symmetrical leaf vines, cut work bangles made in antique, polki and gemstones.

Kada: A Kada is a single bangle which is strong unlike other bangles. They are traditional in looks and are populated with design at the ends. They do not have an adjustment hook; hence it is advised to ensure proper size before placing your order.

Bracelet Bangle: These bangles are usually single pieces with an adjustment hook; they are an assortment of bangle and bracelet. Ideally used by teenagers, they offer a stylish look.

Adjustable Bangle: These bangles are usually used for infants and kids, they are ideally available in smaller sizes.

Your one stop shop for all bangle hues is vaibhav jewellers, having online and physical presence Vaibhav jewellers is a pioneer in quality, design and workmanship. Their unique designs have also been worn by the renowned Oscar winning actress Ms. Halle Berry at the 89th Academy Awards. Reputation of such stature coupled with their uber exclusive designs makes them most sort after jeweller in India.




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