JZBRAIN 4 in 1 Laminator

I have used several laminators and thoroughly enjoy trying new ones.  So I do have a basis for comparison.  The JZBRAIN 4 in 1 Laminator is awesome.  I received in this exchange for an honest review.

The front has measurements as well as angles mapped out for ease.


This laminator is even more than a laminator.  The first thing I noticed was how professional it looks.  There is a paper cutter built right into the laminator.  It is housed on the back side and you can lock it so no one accidentally gets their fingers in trouble.  Or you can unlock when you are ready to use it.

The on/off switch is on the right hand side as well as the option for hot or cold.  The cord is a nice length – I did not have to resort to using an extension cord.

The red light turns on when I plug the device in and turn it on.  Once it is warm enough to actually laminate – the green light also turns on.

This comes with 20 laminating sheets of assorted sizes!  Additionally there is a corner round cutter – I don’t know of any other laminator that comes with this additional benefit.

What I love most about this laminator is that it can handle multiple sheet sizes.  The device also warms up so quickly.  It only took about three minutes to warm up enough to actually laminate.

Available on Amazon with a 20% coupon code for the black laminator – 9A74DVCW or for the gray laminator – 5EKACMKG


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