4 Useful Tips On Modern Shopping Mall Food Kiosk Design

Now the food kiosk on the market has a very good food display effect because when designing, the food kiosk fully considers how to show the effect of food better, so what aspects should we pay attention to when designing the food kiosk for sale? As a professional kiosk supplier in the kiosk industry, UNIQUE tells you that you can improve the design from the following four aspects.

  1. Shadowless Product Display

Many people will find that food and other items in the kiosk have no shadows. That is, there was no reflection on the past. It is true that when designing the lighting of the kiosk in the UNIQUE kiosk factory, the most focused LED tube lamp was used as the lighting material. After careful design, 360-degree spotlight illumination made the display items without any shadows. The food in the kiosk will be more attractive and increase customers’ purchasing intention.

  1. kiosk lighting does not leak out

The so-called light leakage is not the light emitted outside but refers to when customers see the kiosk simultaneously, only see the light inside but not the lamp. If they see the lamp, the light emitted will pierce customers’ eyes so that customers can not watch normally, even children. From a safety point of view, it is also necessary to diverge more in lighting design.

  1. Display design needs to be more humanized

If the light is too bright or reflects badly, it is not feasible to have eye fatigue after a long time of watching. In high-end food kiosks, the light of the kiosk must be gentle so that customers will not be tired. On the other hand, lighting is also the main carrier of food menus and signs, which needs a bright background. Therefore, different food displays are needed in different locations and conform to the product display.

Shopping mall food and retail kiosks are different and need more effort on customer experience. A user-friendly kiosk design will bring you more orders and business. Humanized configuration will also make the kiosk more beautiful and generous.

  1. Harmonious and unified color of kiosks in shopping malls

The food kiosk lighting color must be white. White is colorless, such as white weaving lamps. Kiosk lighting does not leak out this is the requirement of lighting color.

When designing the food kiosk, we need to pay attention to no shadows, no light leakage, and the softness and color of the light. If we can pay attention to these, the designed food kiosk will show the effect of our food very well, to win more customers’ favor.

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