Instagram – The Underused Recruiting Tool


Instagram is mostly known as a prominent social media platform for showcasing pictures and videos.  However, it offers much more.  A recent study has revealed that Instagram holds enormous potentials as a recruiting tool.  According to the results of the study, a brand can convince its Instagram followers on Instagram to consider working for them.  And when this is done, it increases the chances of getting a candidate to apply for a job posting by the brand or a passive candidate to check out these jobs.

As a reputable brand, the chances are that most of your followers on LinkedIn are looking to work for you.  The demand even becomes higher if you maximize your Instagram profile with Task Ant to entice loyal fans of your brand to have a look at your LinkedIn page, and subsequently your job postings.  If you struggle with your Instagram account it may be best to delete your Instagram account and start over. Don’t get IG promotions service a company like GetInsta, You can read about GetInsta’s scam here.

In this post, we will be discussing the right way to go about this to achieve the best results.

Promoting jobs through your Instagram posts

You can easily get people to take an interest and check out your job postings by creating a content strategy that ensures a regular promotion of job postings on your Instagram profile.  With the assistance of this Instagram tool, your reach can be even greater.  This is the bigger picture. However, it has been simplified into basic steps, each of which is described below:

  1. Select the right jobs to feature

A job tends to have various aspects – products design, people management, and customer service among others.  While you may explore any of these, it is advisable that you work on the biggest aspect and how it contributes to the success of the brand.

  1. Get a visual representation of a respectful aspect of your brand culture

By this, we do not ask you to get a fancy picture – a simple and clear picture will do the trick.  Ensure that the shot is interesting and has a direct connection to the department where the job opening is.

  1. Draft a short and concise caption for the photo

Your caption should describe the link between the picture and the featured job and can provide even more tips.  You should try to highlight the job duties while linking it with what the picture represents.

  1. Include the line, “Check out our brand page on LinkedIn to check out the impressive job openings we have!”

This is the part where you charge your followers to take action.  By asking them to see you as an employer, you are already transforming them into potential productive employees, from being dedicated and talented fans. 

  1. Add unique #hashtags

For best results, create customized hashtags that will represent only your brand, and always include them in your posts, especially on Instagram and Twitter.  With these hashtags, potential employees can easily search and access all the important information and materials about the job openings.

While this recruiting strategy works fine for all classes of employees, it is far more effective for getting millennial talents.  About half of today’s workforce comprises millennials who are not only vast at using social media but also rely on these platforms for first-hand information.  Instagram stands out as a favorite among these platforms, with up to 50x engagement rate of other platforms by millennials.

And with such great potentials, Instagram remains a powerful platform to get candidates to visit your LinkedIn page, and ultimately increase engagement on the page.

You can rest assured of impressive results when you apply the steps listed in this post.  Interestingly, the whole idea is simple and quite easy to understand.

Good luck!


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