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Incredible Fun With Bumper Balls

Have you ever seen Bumper Balls?  Well now you have and you will absolutely want some!  These balls are inflatable and there is a cavity opening right down the middle for a person to stand in.  There are handles for the occupant to hang on to and shoulder straps – more on the straps later…  They can be used in a game of soccer or simply just running around and bumping into one another like bumper cars.

You definitely want an electric air pump to blow them up or you will be blowing them up forever.  It even takes a while to blow up two with a pump.  As a tip – make sure you blow them up in a space with plenty of room.  Don’t think you are going to blow them up in a basement and expect them to fit through the door to go outside.  Fortunately, I knew that ahead of time.

See the shoulder straps and handles?  The reason for those are to help you keep your head in the ball.  How important is that?  Well right now the ground is frozen solid and my son thought mom didn’t quite know what she was talking about – or didn’t believe how important it was.  His face taught him very quickly how important it was and that mom really does know what she is talking about.

Of course you will need to strike a pose prior to engaging in play.   All those white things you can see in the ball are string.  Those strings help the ball to keep its shape while you are blowing it up so the cavity/opening remains large enough for a person.  The opening is large enough for even a large person.   Personally I couldn’t get in them because I was just too claustrophobic but there was plenty of room.  The kids definitely don’t have that anxiety.

Yes the kids had a blast bumping into one another but they also enjoyed just hanging out in the balls – laying around, rolling, and more.  They said they were so comfortable.

Now it took them a while to get the hang of standing back up after they fell.  They had to learn to roll themselves into a position where they could get up on their own without me standing on the outside lifting them!

I will say I haven’t seen my kids have this much fun in a really long time – probably about 8 months!  It was awesome to see them laughing and playing.

There were smiles all around and for a long period of time.  It was quite cold out (winter in New England) but that didn’t stop them – until it finally did.

They ran into each other, rolled down the hill, ran down the hill bumping into each other and more.  Like bumper cars but on your own two feet.

The balls are pretty heavy – especially when there is no air in them.  Once they are full of air they are a bit more manageable.

This is my daughter managing to roll over to stand up on her own.  She had to roll over onto her belly and then push herself up.  You become very top heavy so it is awkward and a whole new experience.

Check out our video below and you can get your own Bumper Balls on Amazon.   So much fun and everyone wants to get in on the fun.

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