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Shopping Made Easy With Lotus Produce Bags

So many of us are now using reusable grocery bags.  We are no different and have been using the Lotus Trolley Bags.  First, we shop alot at  places like Aldis where they don’t even have grocery bags.  But second – some stores are starting to charge for paper or plastic bags and some states are even starting to tax you if you don’t bring your own bags.  Personally, I prefer to use my own bags – they hold alot more.  At the grocery store my groceries can take up ten plastic bags but those same groceries can easily fit into two of my Lotus Trolley Bags.  I have to carry groceries up three flights of stairs – I will take the two bags (that will not rip) over the ten bags any day.

Well, now Lotus also has produce bags!  I am very excited about this.  Have you ever gone to a grocery store and those little produce bag rolls are ALL empty.  They want to sell their produce but of course they don’t refill the rolls as often as they should.  But also – I really prefer not to keep my produce in those plastic bags.  They are extremely thin and produce easily poke through – which means my produce ends up all over the pavement which makes me far less than happy, not to mention a total waste of my money.

These bags are in a set of 9 – they are a premium mesh that will not rip and drop my contents on the ground.  My produce is safe and secure.  There are 3 small (12” x 8”), 3 medium (12” x 14″)and 3 large bags(12” x 17”), perfect for any produce I buy.  They are reusable and washable by simply throwing in the washer.

All these produce bags have double-stitched on the sides (not on the bottom) for increased strength and support.  They are soft & incredibly durable with no risk of tears. The drawstring is strong and comes with a secure white lock to keep contents secure.  It is perfectly sized so it doesn’t get tangled when pulled tight.

Now I want a set of these to keep in each car!

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