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Loving My Wireless Portable Charger

I always have a need for a portable charger.  The need to plan for sudden emergencies is essential in my job.  Too often I would be rushing to an emergency situation and after making all the calls I need to make – my phone is dead.  I actually even carry a second phone just for that reason and that is so annoying…

This Hokonui 10000mAh 10W Fast Qi Wireless Power Bank with 18W Power Delivery is just the answer.  I can charge up to 4 devices at a time!  It is compatible with both my Iphone and my Samsung but when I want I can just as easily use it with my Ipad.   

This is a powerful charger (10000mAh of power) – so powerful I can actually charge multiple devices with one charge (ex. – both my phones!).  It stops charging when my phone(s) are fully charged so I don’t have to worry about overcharging and burning out my phones.  My favorite feature is it is Qi-enabled!

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