Re-Nourish For Your Damaged Hair

It is funny how when you are younger, you think nothing will ever change.  When I was in my twenties I never understood why hair on older persons looked different.  That was until in my thirties my hair started to change.  Over the years texture has changed, thickness (or lack of) and of course it turned gray – lots of gray.

The thing that bothers me the most now that I am in my fifties is that my hair now seems to be thinning out.  I still wear bangs and it is very clear how thin my bangs have become.  My hair still seems to grow pretty quickly but I am sure that will eventually slow down too.

I think my hair has held up pretty well considering I am outside ALOT with all the elements – wind, cold, sun, and saltwater and chlorine.  It is actually amazing I suppose that my hair is still holding up.  I actually think the thinning is due more to my following (most of the time) a keto diet which is very low in carbs.

Re-Nourish is nutrition for my hair and I am so excited to see what the results will be after 30 days.  My daughter is obviously much younger and her hair seems to never grow so we are going to try it on her hair also.

This product uses stem cell therapy to help damaged hair follicles.  It is a completely natural blend of essential hair growth nutrients that support beautiful and radiant hair.  The unique ingredients increase blood circulation to treated areas, stimulate hair regrowth and restore shine.

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The result will be that our hair will grow faster, thicker and stronger and will restore our natural hairline.  I am very excited about the natural hairline – over the years I seem to have a spot that is very scarcely filled with my hair.

Directions: Spray directly on to scalp 1-2 times daily on damp or wet hair. Massage in damp or wet hair before styling for optimal results.

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