Beach Side Living


Have you always wanted to live on or by the water?  We have.  For now, we have an RV at a resort campground and it is about a mile from the beach.  We absolutely love being that close to the ocean – close enough to ride a bike!  The resort campground has so much to offer and everything we need while we still have teens living with us.

Eventually, though we expect to have a bit more of an empty nest.  Maybe never completely empty because our son is autistic but empty enough.  One of our dreams is to buy some property right on the water – ocean, lake, large pond, etc… Pretty much anybody of water that is swimmable and if we are really really lucky – a nice view of the mountains so we have been mostly interested in Maine and New Hampshire.  Those areas are so awesome with gorgeous scenery and spectacular sunsets.

When you own property on the water – you get visitors.  Many and often.  It just happens that way.  We are totally fine with that.  Spending so many years at the campground with so many seasonal friends – it is like we have company all the time anyway.

What kinds of considerations do we need to make to entertain all the time?

  • We need a place with extra bedrooms – preferably three extra bedrooms but minimally three extra sleeping spaces.
  • Plenty of dinnerware and utensils at all times even if it is paper products.
  • Folding chairs for inside as well as outside
  • Outdoor games for group fun
  • Fishing poles and gear – someone always wants to go fishing
  • Assorted extra swimming clothes – inevitably someone shows up without anything and you don’t want them to be left out.  Plus over time people will forget stuff at the house.
  • In the water floatables, toys, canoe, rowboat, kayak, and kayak trolley ( for example ).
  • Sunscreen by the truckload!  You can never have enough sunscreen and people always forget it.
  • Beach towels
  • Safety gear – life jackets, arm bubbles, floaties…
  • Snacks and non-perishable food items – First hamburgers and hotdogs are always easy and widely accepted as picnic foods.  But then snacks for kids and adults.  Shop at Aldi’s and stock up – you don’t need to break the bank just have enough for one family to drop in.
  • Make sure you have a dock – everyone always wants to sit by the water.  Even if they don’t like to swim, they will most likely enjoy sitting on the dock enjoying the sights and sounds.
  • Dock Accessories – some people will just want to dive off the dock.  Others may want or need a ladder to climb down and take their time going into the water.  You should have boat ties for the dock for all the “water toys”; lights – so everyone can enjoy the dock even after sunset.  You might even get an entirely different crew of visitors once the sunsets.  You either end up inside the house or you spend time enjoying the great outdoors.

One of the best things about owning a home on the water is that people will want to be outside for more than they will want to be in.  The things you will need inside are far fewer than what you will need outside.  One thing we insist on is that whatever we bring to the beach is eco-friendly – even right down to every detail such as our eco surf fins!

Can you think of anything else to add to the list?  Of course, you will learn as you go what you need.  Enjoy!

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