The Best Jewelry Stones For Engagement Rings

Engagements are one of the most special moments in a girl’s life. It is, therefore, crucial for the man to ensure it is an unforgettable moment. What other way to achieve this than by proposing with the most dazzling ring ever?

An engagement ring is usually one of the most important aspects of an engagement. It will be what folks will be so eager to have a look at right after the question has been popped. It is therefore critical for the groom to invest in a beautiful ring with a dazzling stone such as the best Moissanite. To aid in this, below are some of the best jewelry stones for your engagement ring.


Diamonds are the most preferred stones for engagement and wedding rings despite their expensive nature. They are unique, sparkly and alluring. Diamonds are ranked among the highest when it comes to their level of hardness. They rarely break unless serious harm is inflicted upon them. They also do not chip easily. Additionally it is such a dear occasion to buy diamond.

Whether they are natural diamonds or lab created diamonds, they are the stones that take up the majority of displays in most high-end jewelry stores.


It is a bright colored green gemstone that is loved by many because of its scratch-resistance property.  However, they do contain natural inclusions that make them susceptible to breakage. To counter this, buy emeralds from a reputable jeweler and make sure these inclusions are near the center as opposed to being near the sides. Center inclusions significantly reduce the emerald’s chances of breakage and increase durability.

  • RUBY

Despite also being expensive, ruby engagement rings are quite common these days. The best thing about them is that 30 years down the line, they will still look as beautiful as they were the day you bought them. They are also very durable; just like diamonds.


Before people opted for diamond as their first choice, sapphire was among the best stones that people sort after. Sapphire comes in a number of colors; blue, yellow, purple, orange. They are also very durable and do not scratch easily.


Aquamarine is loved by many because of its unique color. However, over time, this greenish-blue gemstone may show a little scratch here and there. Despite that, with a little extra care, aquamarines can serve you for a long time.

  • OPAL

Opal is slowly becoming a go-to stone for celebrating marriage anniversaries. Its translucent color makes it able to mask any scratches on it. Jewelry made from opal is not suitable for everyday wear. It is, therefore, critical to choose a reputable jeweler and to take great care of it so as it serves you for a long time.


Due to their affordable prices, a vast number of people are making pearls their jewel of choice. Most elderly people love pearls because of their archaic nature. They are, however, not that strong. This makes them susceptible to scratches and breakage. They also tend to discolor over time. Extra care should be taken in order for them to last long.


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