Tips To Create Videos That Are Amazing

Years ago videos were so difficult to create – the best I could do was a pure, straight out of the camera home video.  For that reason I never liked them and always preferred still photos.  Don’t get me wrong, I still adore still photos.  But now I definitely see the value of video.

Our world has changed.  We live in a world where videos are now the norm between Facetime and video chats, Snapchat, Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and of course Youtube just to name a few, are all commonplace.  Not every video needs to be basic – even a regular Joe can make impressive videos.

I can easily use a video camera and walk around with it on my shoulder but the key is to edit the videos.  I will stick to iPhone videography for today.  It is 100% true that the best camera you have is the one you have with you and for most of the population nowadays that is their cell phone.  When I think back to my first cell phone with video capabilities I can barely fathom how far we have come in such a short time.

When I had the iPhone 4 – I was enamored.  Then the 5, then the 6 Plus and now the X.  The X can produce breathtaking photos and videos with such crisp clarity.

If you really want to have amazing videos with your cellphone (iPhone) follow some of these basic rules/tips:

  • Cameras aren’t the only thing you use a tripod for.  Use one with your iPhone for wonderful videos that are perfectly stabilized.  You won’t need to worry about your hands shaking and you can even use a remote without even the slightest movement in your video.  If you don’t have access to a tripod – rest on something to help keep you stable.
  • Avoid using the zoom feature if you can.  Those videos end up being a very poor quality because of the compromised pixelation.  You will need to move the iPhone (and yourself) rather than remaining in one spot and zooming in and out.  That does go a bit against the idea of using a tripod but you will need to see which is better for your situation.
  • Just like photography – you need lights.  Natural outdoor lighting is wonderful but you can still take great photos indoors.  A decent (doesn’t have to be expensive) light kit will certainly do the trick.  I make sure to use white light bulbs and videos come out great.   Even if you don’t get a set of lights, there are lights you can put on top of your phone that will add a little to your subject.
  • Adjust your exposure prior to beginning your video.  You can do that by pressing and holding the spot on your screen – typically the person’s face.  Once you lock it you can adjust the contrast on the right hand side by sliding your finger up or down.
  • Always try to film in landscape mode which is the most widely accepted viewing method.
  • Utilize a microphone so all sound is nice and clear. An awesome video can quickly be ruined with poor sound quality. You can also use ai generated voices to do voice over for your videos.
  • Make best us of slow motion videos
  • Use apps to create high quality movie style videos by combining still photos, videos, slo motion videos and more to create your masterpiece.  Apps I use include Mosho, Magisto, Videolicious and so many more.  You will learn which apps you like best or which combination.  I never use just one – I like to mix it up.
  • And when you really need to get the best video produced possible – check out Diamond View.


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