Make Money From Home – Anyone Can Do It

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There are so many great ways to make money online and I am excited to share these possibilities with you.  I know it can be done – because I do it.  With the evolution of the internet, social media etc, there seems to almost be an endless supply of work from home opportunities and ways to learn how to be more productive.

How I Make Money From Home

There are many ways to make money from home but I will start with how I do.

  • Blogging – this used to be my major source of income but over the years it is more of a secondary source.  Through blogging I make money by providing content for sponsors regarding their products, services, events etc… This has been an amazing adventure – I am able to work from home but also anywhere I go.  Much of what I have accepted for work has been event related.  I have gone to concerts, ComicCon, Monster Trucks, plays, product and location unveiling events, amusement parks and so many other great opportunities.   I have learned so much through blogging – photography, content writing, product promotion, product reviews, etc…
  • Brand Ambassador – once I start working with certain brands I am often in a position to have an exclusive relationship with them.  I value my brand ambassador relationships such as Best Buy a great deal.
  • Social Media Marketing – very similar to blogging yet on a different scale directly on social media.  However, for some sponsors I manage their social media in addition to promoting on my social media.  If you have time, influence skills, and are willing to constantly improve – this is a great way to make money from home.  Included in these skills is video creation.  Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat and others are moving more and more towards video influencing.
  • Content writing for others – much of my writing is for the purpose of my blogging but very often I am hired to write for magazines, other websites, journals etc…
  • Fun ways to make money – I also have a Fiverr account that offers some of my writing BUT I also have some fun “gigs” out there such tarot card reading, coloring page creation etc…
  • Facebook Marketplace – love, love, love the marketplace.  I have found that things I never expect to sell – do; and those that should sell sometimes don’t.  Don’t underestimate the marketplace – declutter and make money!  Have a craft that you can custom make – list on the marketplace.
  • Provide content to other bloggers – this consists of photography, in process photos/videos, recipes, digital services such as coloring pages, holiday themed packages etc…
  • Virtual Assistant Work – can you type? Do you have a computer, printer, phone etc…?  You are all set to offer your virtual assistant work to others.  There are so many services that can be offered as a virtual assistant – you can work for yourself or find another organization to work for.
  • Mystery Shopper – I get so many mystery shopper opportunities but only once in a great while take advantage of them because of all the other things I do.  But if you wanted to, you can make some decent money through mystery shopping.  For example – if I had the time, I would never have to pay for an oil change.  There are so many car dealership opportunities…
  • Online Marketplaces – a way to make money from home with small job tasks with micro job sites online.

Other Ways To Make Money From Home

  • Create a class – there are so many opportunities to promote a course right now and if you have that skill it can be a big seller.  I take many courses on Udemy, Khan Academy, Coursera etc…  Make sure you have clear lighting, crisp sound (and loud enough) and engaging with your participants.
  • Tutoring – are you a math whiz?  Or even a teacher?  Tutoring is always in demand and pays pretty well.
  • Driving your car – many areas have a high need for services like Uber.  There are just not enough taxis and public transportation anywhere around where I live so we rely on services like Uber.  A sub category of this is provide transportation services specifically for special needs persons or elderly.
  • Shopper – this can also be to provide services for special needs persons and/or elderly.  Either taking them shopping so they can be independent or if they are unable to do that – shop for them and bring the items to them.  In my college days I did this alot for those in need and it was very helpful and I formed amazing relationships.
  • Pet sitting – more and more people consider their pets to be valuable members of their families and our family is in that category.  There are doggie daycares, pet sitting, pet walking opportunities and more.  This is not just limited to dogs and cats – I own horses and when I go on vacation I absolutely need help caring for the horses and that can be next to impossible to find.  Need money – simply hand a business card out to every horse stable in a 20 mile radius and you will have to hire employees to help you!
  • Sell photos online – I have often been told I should be doing this, especially my horse photos.  But I just haven’t had the time.  Maybe you will?  With more and more people working online we all have a need for nice stock photos and that need continues to grow.
  • Voice over work – do you have a acting skills?  Clear enunciation?  Love to communicate?  Then this may be for you.
  • Singing – if you can sing you have so many opportunities available to you.  Think outside the building of a band… You can create commercials, jingles, birthday grams etc…
  • Babysitting/Childcare – this is a great one for teens who love children.  My 14 year old makes pretty good money already.
  • Shoveling/Sweeping/Mowing – when I was a teen I would do anything to make money and literally would go door to door asking for work and I was a pretty wealthy teen doing that.  Snow storms would like gold, I even had to hire help.  On the morning after a snowstorm we would head out at 4am and look for anyone who looked like they were late for work, struggling with their driveway.  They would pay us and leave and it would be nice and clean by the time they came home!
  • Sell your wrecked car – Do you have wrecked car that you just don’t know what to do with?  You probably can’t donate it because most charities want the cars to be somewhat usable.  But guess what – you can sell your wrecked car!

Honestly, I could provide work from home options all day long and it would not be an exhaustive list.  I have always said I will never worry about losing my day job because I will just spend that time working from home and maybe even have a better quality of life.  Without working from home (part time) I would not be able to have an RV and go camping (and still make money while camping), own three horses etc… Even my teens make money to help!

How do you all make money from home?

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