Four Actionable Tips That Will Make Your Resume Awesome

Unlike popular opinion, in order to create a good resume, you have to do more than simply write down information in a Word file. Resume creation is an intricate process where psychology plays a major role. Although we perceive recruiters as these impartial individuals, they are still impacted by the same prejudice as everyone else. Knowing they have limited time to review all these files makes it even harder to make an impact.

If you truly wish to make an impression with your resume and get a nice job, you will have to work on your resume. Unfortunately, there are lots of things you might get wrong which is why you still don’t have a dream job. But don’t worry! With these awesome tips, you will be able to create a resume that will help you land almost any job you want.

  1. Pay attention to form

Visual appearance is one of the top priorities when it comes to resume creation. Font, spacing, borders and other lines, colors being used; all of this plays a role in creating an actionable resume. Ideally, you should hire a design professional to help you with this part. The main reason why you need to keep it neat is that recruiters don’t have much patience. Lots of resumes look unprofessional or generic and they are quick to shun them. If you can leave an impression through sheer design, then you should definitely give it a go.

  1. Put emphasis on professional experience

Each resume will have several sections such as contact, professional experience, education, hobbies, and additional skills. Out of all these sections, job experience is the most important one. By reading it, a recruiter can learn more about your previous employers, everything that you’ve done during career and based on that, a person can gain a better understanding whether or not you should perform this task. While in other areas you can skim on information, it is very important to mention everything possible regarding professional experience. If you’re planning to apply to tech companies in San Francisco, you may include certifications and projects you have finished on your previous job or at school. All this data is connected to your future position and it is something your future company may profit from. With that in mind, some of these things may have a profound impact on whether or not you’ll get a job.

  1. Avoid putting too many hobbies and achievements

Candidates, especially the young ones, tend to overdo this section. Due to the lack of professional experience, they like to put emphasis on hobbies and additional achievements. In some cases, these hobbies are just things they’ve done for a short while. On the other hand, achievements can be some minor courses or training. If something is too small or relevant, there is little chance it will help you land a job. Instead, you’re just pilling unnecessary information and looking desperate while doing it. Of course, if you have some hobbies, it is good to mention them but don’t go overboard writing novels. If it isn’t important for the company, it won’t help you.

  1. Don’t reveal too much personal information

People don’t really want to hear about your personal stuff. If you do wish to share something, perhaps it better to share it during a face-to-face interview where you can expand on it. But, simply leaving important personal information in a resume can be misleading. Certain things can even be harmful like mentioning your marital status, army status or age. So, think twice about things you’re mentioning.

With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create an amazing resume that will work for almost any company. No matter what, make sure to keep it professional, tidy and relevant!

Author’s bio: PATH Consulting is Australian Owned and Operated. A Trusted, Modern and Professional Leader in the Resume and Careers Industry.

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  • Charly Wiliamse

    I love your advice. They are reminiscent of tips from the SkillHub site. Here I found many useful resume examples and figured out how to write it correctly. With their help, I found my dream job. In general, I recommend that you also familiarize yourself with this.

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