Delicious and Fun Easter Chow Mix #Post #GeneralMills #Hersheys

Are you tired of the same ole same ole Easter candy?  I actually try not to give our kids Easter candy too much any more.  They are getting older and really aren’t as thrilled with your basic chocolate bunnies anymore.  They want something a bit more – MORE.

This year I put together this awesome fun and delicious Easter Chow Mix.  It is easy to put together and the kids can help.  So not only is it a great treat  – but it is always made better with the help of the kids.

This particular batch is made with General Mills Rice Chex cereal and Post Honey Maid S’mores Cereal!  YUM.

To begin I melted a pound of white chocolate melts in my trusty melter – you can find one here that is similar.  Mine is an older version.

In a bowl mix the two cereals – I did half a box of each – together.

Then I added in two bags of pastel (Easter) colored peanut M&Ms.  You can use regular M&Ms, coconut, raisins, cranraisins and more if you’d like.  Next time I will add all additional ingredients AFTER I mix in the melted chocolate. This time though – I mixed it into the cereal – then poured the melted chocolate over it and mixed it in.

Oh my gosh this is so delicious.  The kids sampled it but the rest is for Easter Sunday fun!.

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