How to Make Your Band’s Cover Art with an Album Cover Maker

As an aspiring musician, there’s little more important than your album’s cover. Sure, the music inside is important (okay, it’s really important). But let’s not forget that your album cover is the first place you’ll make an impression on a potential listener.

How your album cover looks literally might impact if this person presses play or not.

If you don’t have a storied background in graphic design, you may be nervous about getting an album cover together. Lucky for you, you don’t have to be. There is more than one album cover maker out there that can help you create a quality image for you or your band’s music.

Read on, and we’ll walk you through how to make an excellent album cover.

Putting an Image to the Music

After hours spent in the recording studio, the last thing you’ll want to do is put a bad cover to the music you’ve spent so much time on. The ideal cover album is unique, punchy, and eye-catching. It should give the listener some sense of what the music inside might sound like.

Not sure where to start? Open your own record collection and look at album covers you love. See what techniques and ideas were employed.

It’s helpful to look at records whose sound and genre are similar to the kind of music you’ve recorded. Are you going to put an image of yourself on the cover, or will you go with something a bit more abstract?

These are the major decisions that need to be made. Font choice and typography can be equally key. Just like with the image, you’ll want to find something that feels in line with your band’s image and vibe.

And don’t forget that in today’s world, most people will be viewing your art on their computer instead of in-hand. Plan accordingly.

Creating Using an Album Cover Maker

You can make your own album cover using a variety of graphics tools. These tools can make the process easy, saving you the time and money of having to outsource the job to a third party.

An album cover maker can provide a number of pre-set templates to get you started. These templates can help get ideas flowing, but still allow a wide level of customization. That way you can still create something that feels truly like You.

An album cover maker will allow for a number of filters to be applied to the photographs you import or upload. You can create a mood or a vibe with the simple click of a button.

Some album cover makers even have built-in photo libraries. So if you don’t fancy yourself a professional photographer, you might even be able to find a striking image without leaving your office chair.

All in all, an album cover maker can make this essential band task as easy as pie.

Getting Your Music out There

The image you put to your music can be essential to people’s understanding of it. With the help of an album cover maker, you can complete this important process quickly and stress-free.

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