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The Three Things Coffee Drinkers Need to Know About Instant Coffee

Today’s fast-paced way of living has forced us to find ingenious ways to save time and yet enjoy our personal habits. Instant coffee is just one of the many examples that could be offered, but definitely one of the most revelatory. In simple terms, this is a soluble type of coffee, to which one can add milk, cream and sugar (according to personal preferences).

If you are a coffee enthusiast, you have probably tasted several types of coffee in your life.  You have probably tried the 100% Kona Coffee from Hawaii as well.  Instant coffee might be preferred for the times when you are in a rush, not to mention this type is appreciated for its long shelf life and easy clean up (no coffee grounds to worry about). Keep on reading and discover several things you might be interested in finding out about instant coffee.

Does instant coffee has crema or not?

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Provided you have ever tasted the barista style instant coffee, you might have noticed that it appears to have crema on top. But what is crema actually? It can be easily described at the enticing foam forming on top of your freshly-brewed espresso. And, believe it or not, it was first considered as repulsive (Italians liked their espresso without foam).

It was not until the father of espresso, Achille Gaggia, invented the caffe crema that people accepted the coffee foam as an integrate part of the worldwide famous beverage. Today, the foam is considered to be an essential element of a quality espresso, contributing not only to its visual appearance but also to the overall taste and texture.

While it is true that crema appears as a natural consequence of the extraction process occurring in the espresso machine, you have every right to wonder how this is achieved with instant coffee. The crema-like appearance is obtained through the mixture of the instant coffee with finely-ground coffee beans. So, you see, you are actually consuming solid coffee grounds, which is an important thing to know.

How much caffeine does a cup of instant coffee contain? Not even the big guys know!

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If you were to take your time to read the label from your instant coffee jar, you would quickly discover all kinds of information. For example, you might find salt and sugar content, as well as the presence of fats (and in what quantity). But you will not find how much caffeine is contained in your product. This is because even producers have a difficult time making such estimates, often hiding behind company policy in their refusal to offer information on the caffeine content of instant coffee products.

It can be safely said that the percentage of caffeine depends on the actual type of coffee (Robusta, Arabica and other varieties). However, it has been determined that instant coffee contains less caffeine than the freshly-brewed variety. Also, it is worth mentioning that pure Arabica coffee has a reduced amount of caffeine, in comparison to the standard instant. The latter is either 100% Robusta or a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

Do you prefer decaf? It is not caffeine-free!

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A lot of people opt for decaf instant coffee, as they do not want to be affected by the stimulating properties of caffeine (but still want to enjoy their cup of Joe every morning). Studies have clearly demonstrated that decaf coffee is not caffeine free; it actually has a lower content of caffeine, as opposed to the regular version.

As you might find out from any coffee blog, a cup of instant decaf coffee will deliver between one and five milligrams of caffeine. By comparison, the regular version contains between forty and one hundred milligrams per cup. It is worth knowing these differences before deciding to opt for the decaf variety.

Coffee is a delicious beverage, one that we can enjoy throughout the entire day. As you might have noticed by yourself, instant coffee has become more and more popular, being preferred by those who are looking to save a little bit more time on the actual preparation process.

Before you decide, however, that instant coffee is your preferred choice, you should give freshly-brewed coffee a chance. There are machines that guarantee quick coffee preparation, not to mention you will be able to explore the most amazing flavors. Small coffee roasters entice you with a wide range of coffee beans, coming from different parts of the world. It would be a shame not to give these new options a try, discovering coffee in its true sense.

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