Helpful Resources for College Freshman

Going off to college is an exciting time once your high school career comes to a close. As a college freshman, you have an entirely new academic and social world which is ready to help launch you into greatness.

This is a time to discover your interests, but it can also be overwhelming to set foot onto that large campus for the first time. You may not know who to go to for advice, how to improve your studies, or even where to get your computer fixed at 2am so you can finish your essay. Here are a few helpful tips and resources for college freshman.

Explore blogs and podcasts

Those all-nighters you are about to pull (although you shouldn’t, because they’re unhealthy) can benefit from tuning in to some helpful podcasts and blogs to assist you. They aren’t just entertaining, but podcasts and blogs can hold a great deal of helpful information. Some podcasts are hours long while others are only a few short minutes.

There are dozens of educational podcasts for all majors. For example, creative writers can discover tips for writing, and history buffs can learn about lesser known time periods. Or, if you are into science, you can explore the blogs on the Science History Institute’s website. You may even discover your professors have their own blog or podcast that may shed some light on their lectures.

Tech repair for your devices

People today take their phones everywhere, even while they are in the bathroom. And unfortunately, a study found out one in five people slip up and find themselves frantically pulling their phone out of the commode. You might be lucky and your phone comes out unscathed. However, that bag of rice may do no good. Accidents happen, but buying a new phone is not just expensive, but inconvenient when you’re away at school.

Don’t freak out: you can get help for that waterlogged phone or cracked screen. There are lots of iPhone screen repair services, and the good news is that you don’t have to leave your dorm because the tech will come to you. For other technical issues with your electronics, you can contact your local electronics retail store for your computer and tablet repairs.

Organize your papers

You’re going to spend quite some time writing essays and term papers. Hand in quality work that looks impeccable too by getting yourself some custom printed folders. It also helps to keep your subjects separated and organized. You can show your school spirit by matching your college’s colors or coordinate each class with a different color to easily spot your work.

Being organized now can prepare you for the working world, enabling you to be less stressed by constantly missing assignments. If you share your space with a roommate, it helps keep your work from getting lost or mixed up. It also protects your hard work from accidents like knocked over energy drinks.

Use the library

You may think it’s a given to know your university’s library location. But this building is more than just shelves of books. This one of many hubs of knowledge where you can find information for your classes such and free resources like old textbooks and free Wi-Fi for your laptop. Digital resources and documents can be easily accessed online.

Librarians are also treasure troves of important and helpful information. Libraries contain community boards which have flyers from jobs on campus to tutors. Plus, if you are still waiting for your broken laptop to be fixed, you can access the computers here for free. Some colleges have libraries that are open 24 hours, so students can study or spend time researching for classes.


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