Getting Into Rock Painting With My Triton Paint Pens #paintpens #paintmarkers #tritontradingcompany

Have you been lucky enough to find a painted rock or many rocks in the last year or two?  They are definitely the latest fad and I have to say – finding a painted rock really does just make your day.  The premise is you paint a rock and hide it for someone else to find.  When they find it they are supposed to re-hide it for someone else to find.  Sort of a plan to continually pay it forward.

It can be alot of fun.  Some rocks even have information on the back – like a Facebook group where you are supposed to say where you found it and show a photo.  Or a hashtag etc… So it also becomes a social sensation at the same time

We haven’t participated yet in the painting process but we have found and re-hid rocks.  Now we can start to paint our own with the help of our Triton Painting Pens.  In fact this coming weekend we are going to a party and I plan to add rock painting to our list of activities.

These Triton Painting pens are perfect for painting rocks because the paint is water and weather resistant and dries quickly.  The ink is opaque and flows consistently – I don’t have a dry spot then a translucent area then an opaque area.  Everything looks the same!

The biggest issue I have at the moment is finding the perfect rocks for our creation.  I need a nice trip to the beach! Colors included are- Black, white, yellow, blue, green, red, pink, gold, silver, brown, orange, and violet with a .7mm fine tip.

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