Stockings vs Leggings – How to Choose the Best Option?

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Do you want to know why people choose stockings and leggings over jeans? Cause leggings are super-comfy bottoms you can wear with practically anything. And stockings look flattering when worn under dresses and tunics. So what is the better choice for you?

You have to make a decision between stockings vs leggings. It’s never an easy one to make, I know. However, what does make it easy though is a simple comparison like this one. It’s the only smart way to get rid of all your confusion. And end up with a pair of either leggings or stockings that look great.

The result of not going through with this is both time and money wasted. And you know what; it’s easy to understand the differences between stockings and leggings. I’m sure you’ll agree with me on this. So it’s time to bring your fashion game back to life.

What are Leggings?

(This is how they’re different from stockings)

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The talk around leggings is a well-received one. Everyone owns a pair of leggings, preferably black ones! After all, they are basic, stylish, and practical to wear. Unlike jeans, which require ironing. Needless to say, leggings are an incredibly convenient option for the office or gym with gym leggings by ryderwear!

But choosing the right pair is a tricky business. The piece of clothing may be the most versatile out there. And even the most comfortable. However, if you don’t understand the basics of leggings, you might end up feeling quite uncomfortable. And that has an impact on the way you look as well. So let’s make sure such a tragedy doesn’t occur.

  • Size

To be honest with you, every factor matters as far as leggings are concerned. When the leggings you choose are not of the correct size, the fit goes for a toss. You simply cannot wear leggings that are either very loose or very tight.

The fit should be snug. But, at the same time, you might not want it to trace the natural shape of your body. Along the same lines, a fit that’s too loose makes you look sloppy.

Just keep in mind that not all manufacturers follow the same size chart. And if you’re between any two sizes, always pick the larger one. For instance, between S and M, go for M. Just a teensy bit loose is way better in terms of appearance and more comfortable to wear. Than a teensy bit tight!

  • Length

Now the options for length are quite many in the leggings category. And there’s no correct answer here. It all depends on your personal preferences.

Your choices are as follows:

Full-Length Leggings: They reach below the ankle. And pair up well with longer shirts and tops. Even boho tops and winter clothing.

Ankle-Length Leggings: This is the most attractive looking pair. And the most versatile! Cause the leggings look good with almost everything. Be it capes, jackets, long tops, coats, slip dresses, etc. You can even wear any type of footwear with the ankle-length version.

3/4th-Length Leggings: Shorter tops and 3/4th leggings go hand in hand. But they’re not such a great formal wear option.

Knee-Length Leggings: More often than not, women wear knee-length as workout attire. For running, walking, yoga, gym, or travel.

  • Material

The most comfortable and common fabrics are lycra and cotton. But that doesn’t mean options like suede and leather aren’t interesting choices. Especially in terms of style!

What are Stockings?

(This is how they’re different from leggings)

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The first very noticeable difference between Thigh High Stockings and leggings is the material. Stockings are designed using a thin fabric. More often than not, this is transparent. The fabric used is either silk or rayon.

Women mostly wear stockings as a fancy undergarment to cover their legs. Till their mid-thigh or a little above their knees.

Then there’s the modern pantyhose version too. These types of stockings travel up and masquerade as panties. They look great and are quite supportive with formal wear.

So in comparison to leggings, stockings are quite thin and even sheer. You can wear dresses and skirts over them. But, mind you, they’re not a replacement to leggings. Stockings/pantyhose and leggings are quite similar. The only difference between them is the material used for construction.

Try Patterned or Colored Stockings

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If you want to make your outfit look lively and fancy without spending too much money. Printed or colored stockings are the way to go. They might seem a bit intimidating due to the bright hues. So here are a few tips that might help.

  • Match the stockings to the color of the dress you’ve decided to wear. When experimenting with bright colors. The safest bet is to make sure both items of clothing are of the same shade.
  • When opting for white stockings, make sure they’re completely opaque. Sheer white looks a bit odd against the color of the skin.
  • With stockings a part of the picture, don’t forget to cover the butt region. Stockings aren’t pants, remember that.
  • Stay away from horizontal stripes and large prints. They end up making the legs look rounder and bigger. Plus, such prints are even trickier to match.
  • Do you know what happens when you match your footwear to your stockings? Together, they make your legs look longer.
  • As for footless stockings, they look better when paired with boots.
  • If you want to be fashionable as well as wear something more athletic – check out these Adidas Tights.

The End

The difference between stockings vs leggings may be obvious. But deciding either one depends on your personal choice.

If you want to wear something comfortable that goes with just about anything, leggings are perfect. As for stockings, they do a better job at fancying up your outfit. Plus, stockings look great with skirts, particularly a short leather skirt.

I hope now you don’t ever confuse one with the other. Or even think of either as the replacement to the other.





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