Why Should You Buy Travel Insurance? Answered!

Traveling abroad this summer? You may have planned on the perfect itinerary, made a list of the best restaurants and the places to visit, booked the best connecting flight and may have even started your visa process. But have you planned on getting your travel insurance?

Why Travel Insurance?

A lot of travelers are completely unaware of the concept of buying travel insurance during their journeys in foreign lands. Travel insurance is your friend who stands by you when you may fall sick abroad, or if you are robbed of your credit card and cash, or if you have lost your baggage and even if you have lost your passport!

There is a wide variety of travel insurance plans that are easily available to travelers. Most plans provide you with financial coverage against theft, loss of baggage and money, health insurance, legal expenses and even death. Travel insurance companies also offer a wide range of non-financial services that help you in your hour of need. Most travel plans cost a fraction of your trip expenses and can be easily compared and bought through online portals or by contacting your friendly insurance agent.

Travel insurance plans offer vacation plans as well as medical plans. Vacation plans provide coverage against cancelled or interrupted trips, lost or delayed baggage, loss of money, passports, credit cards and cash, and even protection from legal liabilities. Medical plans offer coverage from medical problems, dental expenses, hospitalization, accidents, disability and death at the time of travel. However, different insurance agencies have different fees, and to get the best deal, visit travel insurance marketplace at https://www.aardvarkcompare.com/.

Still, though after finding favorable prices, you aren’t convinced you should spend your money on travel insurance, check these advantages of getting a travel insurance:

  1. Financial Safety:

Did you know that missing your flight or a last minute trip cancellation could cost you a fortune? You would need to rebook on connecting flights, spend money on interim hotels and even rebook your existing hotel and rental car. Most bookings offer zero refund in case of last minute cancellations. Travel insurance provides financial security from the losses that may arise due to trip cancellations or missed flights.

Tourists often becomes targets of robbers. It is an ordeal to lose your money, passport, valuables and credit card. A lot of travel insurance plans offer not only financial security against such losses, but also help arrange agencies to help you arrange for substitutes.

Travel insurance plans also offer protection against credit card frauds, and compensation for lost baggage or stolen money.

  1. Sense of Security:

A lot of travelers spend thousands on fancy hotels, luxury cars and extravagant cruises. But they may not buy a travel insurance plan that costs a fraction of the travel cost.

Falling ill while traveling can be both a physical as well as mental and financial torment. Along with being physically unwell, you are faced with the tensions of rising medical bills to be paid in expensive foreign exchange. Even a simple fracture or toothache can lead to humongous bills.

Travel insurance plans offer medical insurance, dental insurance, insurance against disability and insurance against accidents. They also help arrange medical facilities. Some of the comprehensive plans will also offer free travel arrangements back to your homeland.

  1. Unforeseen Death:

No one likes to think of death, especially when you are enjoying the turquoise waters of Hawaii or hiking through adventure trails in Manali.

Unfortunately, the costs of a funeral can be overwhelming while traveling. The arrangement of morgue facilities, funeral services and transporting the dead body of a loved one is not only very difficult but can burn a hole through your pocket.

Though travel insurance plans cannot share your pain in case of unfortunate death of a loved one, many travel insurance plans offer support and financial help in case of death.

Travel insurance plans will help arrange morgue facilities, funeral services and transportation. It will also provide financial support to your loved ones. A death insurance payment is also provided if a person dies within 12 months of an accident that may have occurred during a trip.

  1. Special Protection:

Whether it’s meeting with an accident, injury to a third person, or being unaware of local laws, you may find your self in a legal tussle in the midst of your dream holiday. The need for legal aid may arise during travel as well. Legal help is expensive everywhere in the world. Travel insurance plans also offer coverage to legal expenses.

Very often travelers are faced with a situation wherein their rental car expense escalates due to insurance plans sold by the rental car companies. A good and comprehensive travel plan will protect you from such unnecessary expenses.

A lot of travel plans also offer coverage from expensive evacuation costs in case of natural disasters and war situations.

Frequent travelers may consider buying multi-trip insurance which is cheaper than buying single trip insurance for each trip. There are also family plans for couples traveling with children.

Travel insurance is not just about medical insurance or financial compensation for unforeseen losses that may happen while traveling. It is also a complete support system that will help you face problems. There is no way of preventing unfortunate accidents while traveling, travel insurance plans offer not just financial support but 24/7 support in times of distress.

So, the next time you are booking your tickets make sure you remember to buy a travel insurance plan too. No more worries about losing your passport, falling ill, lost cash, or expensive toothaches on your holiday! Bon Voyage!

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