7 Useful Apps for Senior Citizens

You probably wouldn’t put older members of society and mobile applications together, but it is possible. Nowadays, the use of any sort of technology has become incredibly common. Everyone and anyone is using a gadget to perform everyday activities in their lives. Older citizens are usually the first to shy away from such devices. However, there have been some innovations that are useful for them and are easy to make use of. A phone might be used by an older individual solely to keep in touch with other people and nothing else. It can’t be tolerated for anything else. We’re here to prove that notion wrong. Here are some senior citizen friendly apps from

  1. The Senior Phone App for Android

Regular phone functions, features and modes can be rendered unnecessary to an older person.  Which is the why the Senior Phone application has modified normal and smaller modes of a phone into larger and more noticeable ones. The app provides call and message buttons that are easy to see and more understandable to that age group. It also helps individuals who might be partially sighted. Additional modes can be added to if needed. Current location can also be tracked in case you get lost.

  1. Magnifying Glass App for Android & iOS.

This application has a simple use-to zoom into and make things easier to read. The Magnifying Glass App also comes with a flashlight for low light situations. It’s a really efficient and user-friendly app that can allow the senior to read anything whenever they want. For example, menus in a restaurant, catalogs, details while shopping, etc. The app is available to download for both Android and iPhone devices.

  1. Kindle Reader for Android & iPhone

Kindle as a gadget today is very common and popular. It has been a medium for many people to enjoy books from the comfort of a tablet. It’s amazing how the Kindle has turned what could’ve been a regular tablet into a wonderful e-book reader. Seniors who love reading will benefit greatly from this gadget. The Kindle is also available as a application and can be easily downloaded.

  1. MedWatcher for Android And iPhone

Seniors usually have to be reminded about certain things. The MedWatcher application is a really efficient one that gives off reminders for medication consumption and exercises for the elderly. There is also a provision of medical details, knowledge, side effects and descriptions. The functionality of the app is FDA approved so you can count on any information provided in the application. Overall MedWatcher is very useful and easy to use. Apps like panic button system are really important for seniors.

  1. Silver Surf for iPad

Browsing the Internet might seem easy to you, but it needs to be simplified for senior citizens. Some elder users may have trouble navigating through websites and ready smaller fonts to understand. Silver Surf helps adjust contrast and other elements to produce a smooth browsing experience. It even has an alternate option to the pinch zoom, which is the zoom slider, a much easier one for senior citizens.

  1. Clevermind for iPad

This app was very thoughtfully created keeping in mind Alzheimer patients and their struggles. These patients have cognitive impairment so the features in the app have been made to cater to that. Quizzes, games and other activities form the application. Clevermind also has a robot companion named Myira that listens to requests at any time.

  1. Prismatic for Browser And iPhone

Prismatic is a news reading application that is really useful for seniors looking to get their daily dose of news. All the news from the entire Internet can be gathered and even customized according to the reader’s preferences. The best thing is that it is extremely easy to use. The applications provide articles that you might want to read but would not be able to find it on your own.

That’s it for our list but there are so many other amazing apps made for senior citizens that you can explore.

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