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Topping the Charts – Host Your Website with No Coding or HTML/CSS Knowledge

When it comes to building the best websites out there, you can literally use the best drag and drop editors on sites like Wix, SquareSpace, Weebly, and even other popular web hosts have their own site builders (such as WordPress self-hosting or premium hosted services). You can click here to learn about the top hosting companies.

You don’t even have to be a professional web designer anymore to create a great website with guidance from 28 Msec that outdoes most of your competitors online. At the same time, long gone are the old-style basic websites made with the old editors like CoffeeCup (popular back in the 1990’s when the internet first started making its waves).  If you are looking at options Malaysia has plenty of hosts to choose from.

The Design Itself

There is one funny thing to notice, however. Some of those old mainstream elements are starting to make it back into the popular websites of today. Sleek and simple are becoming one of the most prominent forms, because they’re more optimizable for platforms like mobile phones, which is extremely important.

While you can make some websites with your own WordPress, it is crucial which plugins you choose to edit with, as well as what templates you use, as these can affect how mobile-friendly your site is, as well as your overall designability. However, with Wix, and many other sites, you can do just about anything and once you get used to the platform, you can whip them out. There have been many people who have become millionaires on drop shipping sites that were simply made on websites like Shopify for example.

What About SEO?

While these websites are all about having the fastest response times (Wix actually has one of the fastest response times on most websites in America to be completely honest), your website content is also equally important. If you want your website more visible by search engines like the Powerful giant known as Google, you need to have content that is relatable to what your website is actually about (if you’re marketing beard products, then don’t write about makeup. Market your beard products and talk about them with articles, blog posts, and more).

What Does it Take to Get a Good No-Coding Website?

It does generally cost a little more to have your website hosted on these drag-n-drop builders, but think about it; you’re basically paying more for the convenience of not having any knowledge and being able to literally just drag and drop anything onto your website you want with a high amount of flexibility. Are they worth it? It really does depend on your business, and your website, but yes you can actually benefit from many of these sites depending on what you’re doing. If it’s a personal website, you can utilize their cheaper priced options, but generally a good managed WordPress on a website like or even is your cheapest and safest bet.


Drag and drop builders are being more commercialized since people have started to really earn some revenue on them. For example, there are many young entrepreneurs that have got their start by drop shipping on the drag and drop platform Shopify. Other businesses are actually succeeding with their Wix sites, which are generally created from scratch with no experience whatsoever. The only downside to these, is since it’s a great way to get your website out there fast, you may have to hire someone later on or get some design experience yourself to better your site in the future.

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