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DIY – Make Your Own Soda Stream Syrup

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Do you own a Soda Stream?  Or any other carbonated water system?  Then you really need to read this post.  If you don’t own a Soda Stream you will want one after reading this!

Soda syrup can be expensive.  When we first got our Soda Stream they had flavors like Diet Grape etc… Somewhere along the way they did away with the Diet Grape which really had us walking away from our Soda Stream for a long time.  But now we have picked it up again because guess what – we can have just about any flavor soda we want, just make it ourselves!

It is very quick to make alot of bottles of syrup in an assembly line fashion.  You really only need four things – empty bottles, snow cone concentrated syrup (must be concentrated), citric acid and sucralose.  That it it!

MOST IMPORTANT – make sure the surface you are working on is covered with a vinyl tablecloth and/or vinyl placemats – or something because the syrup will stain.  You may want to wear rubber gloves even.  We tend not to wear the gloves and just ignore our stained fingers for a few days.

Each normal (old fashioned container of Soda Stream syrup was $5.99.  The new ones are also $5.99 but much smaller.  If you have the smaller bottles you will have to adjust the recipe slightly.

I buy my snow cone concentrated syrup at but you can also find some of a different brand on Amazon if that is easier for you.  You will be so amazed at how many different flavor options you can get.  So far I have stuck with the more “normal” flavors but I am definitely going to venture into some of the others.  Each quart will make 16 containers of soda syrup and the quart is $15.99.  Think about the savings!  And if you really love a flavor (like grape) you could save even more by buying a gallon which equates to about $10 a quart.

The first thing you will do is add some water to your containers – really just so the items you are adding have something to mix with.  Do not fill the containers yet.

Next you will add 1/4 cup of snow cone concentrate to each container.  We are using 1/2 cup measuring cup but only filling it halfway.

I purchase my citric acid and sucralose from on Amazon.  The packages may seem small but you only need a tiny bit so it lasts a long time.  We find it easiest to pour some into a container in order to scoop it out.

Add 1/2 teaspoon sucralose to each container and then 1 teaspoon of citric acid.

See easy right?

Put a cover on each container and gently mix the contents.

Lastly, fill the rest of the container to the top with water.  Let the syrup sit for about an hour prior to use.

We make around 4 containers at a time.  I am not sure how long they can last but making this number has always been fine.  No, we don’t need to store them in the refrigerator or anything like that.


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