Burgundy’s Most Prominent Wine Estate

Ask anyone, but if you’re asking about which country produces the best wine in the world, France is always the top answer from most folks. This country has already figured out how to mix this and that to obtain the perfect drink.

If you want something specific besides France, most regions in this country have their unique signature in their blend that makes you wanting for more. Regions like Avignon, Bordeaux, and Burgundy are always in the top list as the best winemakers in the said country. But in this article, we will dwell deeper and tackle the Burgundy region and their best contender in the winemaking business.

Burgundy, France

Before it was a region of France, Burgundy was an independent kingdom. The first inhabitants of the virgin land were the Celts or Gallo-Romans. Then came a Germanic tribe that established the Kingdom of Burgundy until they were conquered again by another Germanic tribe. When the French arrived, the Kingdom divided into two, and the     Kingdom became a region of France.

Upon the influence of their new settlers, Burgundy became the home of many notable and historic monasteries and churches. And fast-forward to the French Revolution, during the adaptation of the Fifth Republic, Burgundy, to this day, is considered a region of France.

Burgundy is the province in between Centre and Franche-Comte. It is made up of old communities and was formerly the administrative region of France. The climate is mostly oceanic and in an almost 32, 000 square kilometer land area there are only 1.6 million inhabitants.

What is Burgundy’s Greatest Estate?

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti is one of the world’s greatest wine producers. The estate is the most famous appellation in the said region housing many vineyards with quite the reputation. Not only is the estate, the most popular but they also sell the most expensive bottles in the world.

However, before reaching fame and glory, the estate commonly receives. The area was just like any other appellations. The estate fired up a bidding war between the mistress of the King, Madame de Pompadour and the Prince of Conti, Louis Francois. The prince won the auction, hence the Conti in the estate’s name. The estate started gaining fame when one of Napoleon’s generals bought the area and its nearby vineyards, Louis Liger-Belair.

There are seven different vineyards in the estate alone. All of which has remarkable feedback and comments from wine writers and connoisseurs around the globe. Though the yield in each vineyard is low, the harvest is still sorted out to obtain the best batch. That is why sometimes the domaine can only produce 400-500 cases per year. Besides the careful sorting of harvest, the area itself is the reason why their wines are such a delight. The soil and the temperature are perfect for cultivating wine grapes, and it is the epitome of terroir.

Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Vineyards

Romanee-Conti is the most famous vineyard in the estate; it also sells the most expensive bottle. The demand for this wine is so high, but the Domaine only produces 500 cases a year. The area of 1.8 hectares explains the low yield in the harvest. It is impossible to buy a whole case of this wine. Romanee-Conti uses the Pinot Noir variety in their Grand Cru.

La Tache also uses the Pinot Noir variety in the majority of their products. But unlike the Romanee-Conti, its’ vineyard area is thrice as of the former, that is why they can produce almost 2,000 cases per year. A wine of its prime can cost you almost 90,000USD a case for a 1929 vintage.

Richebourg is the third vineyard in the estate. It is a reputable wine that uses Pinot Noir variety in their Grand Cru label. This vineyard can produce 1,000 cases a year because of their 3.5 hectares land area. A bottle can cause you almost 2,000USD.

Romanee St. Vivant’s wines are lighter and aromatic compared to other Burgundy wines. Like the Richebourg appellation, they also use Pinot Noir in their Grand Cru as the main variety.

Montrachet is the only appellation in the estate that uses Chardonnay as the main variety in their Grand Cru. This appellation also has the smallest land area not exceeding a hectare, producing only 250 cases per year. A 75cl bottle can be as expensive as 5,000USD.

Grand Echezeaux uses Pinot Noir in their Grand Cru as their main variety. The area is much smaller than its neighboring appellations but can produce 1,200 cases per year. Each bottle of their line is not less than 1,000USD.

Echezeaux also cultivates the Pinot Noir variety. Eighty individuals own a plot in this appellations. This ignited a debate between many wine enthusiasts that the whole appellation doesn’t deserve the Grand Cru title since there are significant variations in each harvest from different plots. Nevertheless, in general, the entire appellation can produce 1, 300 cases per year never sold less than a thousand dollars per bottle.

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