5 Ways to Arm Your Sales Team for Success

If you want to boost your sales, one of the most important things to do is make sure your sales team has everything they need to be successful.

If they struggle to get their work done because they’re spending too much time on paperwork or administrative tasks, that’s less time they have available to follow up with leads and close the sale.

Here are five things you can do to support them while growing your company.

1. Use a Mobile CRM Solution

The CRM is the sales team’s most important tool since leads captured on your website are automatically transferred in. Opting for a platform that includes mobile access, either through an app or via mobile web, allows your sales team to access the system anywhere there is an internet connection, from any device.

So now, if a sales agent runs into someone while in the waiting room at the dentist, or grabbing lunch for the rest of the office, they can enter their information immediately after making contact. This way, it stays fresh in their mind, because if they have to wait until they get back to the office, they may completely forget because they get engrossed in other tasks.

2. Digitize Business Cards

Instead of taking the risk of misplacing a business card from a connection, allow your sales team to use a Salesforce business card app to scan the cards they collect on the spot.

All you have to do is snap a photo of the card through the app, and the information is automatically converted to text, mapped to your database fields, and uploaded to the Salesforce CRM. This also helps save time, since agents do not have to manually enter the data in the system once they return to the office.

3. Reduce Paperwork

Paperwork is the last thing you want your sales team to spend a lot of time on because the more time it takes for them to handle all of that, the less time they have to actually sell. You can do this by using electronic proposal software and electronic signature services to keep everything digital.

This way, it’s simply filling in details, clicking a few buttons, and it’s in the hands of the client for signing. There’s no time spent on printing, filling out the forms by hand, collating, mailing, etc. With everything digital, you can also save space in your office since you don’t have to store filing cabinets full of documents.

4. Limit Time Spent on Administrative Tasks

Nearly every sales role will have some kind of administrative work and/or customer service work to do, and that’s okay. The problems arise when these tasks become too time-consuming because the team ends up too busy to follow up with its leads. The fewer time people spend selling, the fewer sales you’ll be able to land, which means less revenue for the organization. Using email follow-up templates is an excellent way to utilize your time wisely.

Look for ways to speed up tasks such as data entry, beyond scanning business cards and using digital solutions for follow-up messages, call scheduling, creating proposals, customized contracts, and procuring signatures. Beyond software, one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce the administrative workload of your sales team is to hire additional support staff to share the workload and make sure that non-sales issues are directed to the correct department.

5. Offer Regular Training and Continuing Education

Just because your sales training has worked well in the past, doesn’t mean it’s perfect. If it’s been a while since you’ve revamped your sales training, you may want to consider re-configuring it to update it and keep it current. Beyond offering regular training sessions to keep the sales team fresh on their skills, it’s also important to give them access to various continuing education opportunities. When you consider how quickly the digital marketing landscape has changed, getting additional education on new tools and methods you can use to sell to prospects certainly won’t hurt.

Encourage your team to find courses such as this sales courses sydney and reimburse them any fees for registration and tuition, or offer a selection of continuing education courses from trusted partners. If you offer courses, consider offering some kind of incentive to motivate your team members to participate. If you’re going to make it mandatory, ensure it is not done in their free time because this could negatively affect employee morale and engagement.

The Better Armed, the More Dangerous

Ultimately, investing resources into taking care of your sales team and making their jobs easier will pay off. When you support them in ways that allow them to increase their productivity, they will repay you greatly with increased sales numbers. They will be more engaged at work, and the additional revenue they bring into the company will allow you to continue to invest in keeping them happy.


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