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Once I turned 50 I started noticing changes to my face – started to have age spots and my skin seemed to be less smooth and soft.  I have been in a search to find a product that will help AND that I am not allergic to.

This Ultimate Serum by Reviv Serums has been awesome.  I have so many allergies so it is a constant concern.  This Ultimate Serum is perfect – no problem for my allergies at all.  You can see in the bottle it seems to have a purple and black color but when it comes out it is actually more of non-color.

I only need a pea sized amount to apply to my entire face.  It spreads on smoothly and easily.  Immediately my face feels refreshed and so awesome.

Ultimate Serum is designed to lessen lines and wrinkles, improve texture and firmness and reduces age spots and skin tone.  It contains microbiome probiotics, stem cells, growth factors, peptides and is dual chambered.

I have always been told my skin is pretty even and that I have a good complexion – that doesn’t mean I feel like it is true.  Everything has started to change and I very much prefer my youthful complexion.  I don’t consider myself vain but for some reason my skin has bothered me.

I don’t wear makeup – at least almost never.  I am not opposed to it just never really have time for it between work, kids, horses, blogging etc… So what you see is what you get…

There you have it – after approximately two weeks of using the Ultimate Serum!

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