Importance of Growth Hacking Agency to Boost your Startup

The perfect recipe of success of your business can only be laid and carried out well by an expert. And what better than a team of experts. The growth hacking agency is the one-stop-solution to all your business needs. The experts of a growth hacking agency work as a perfect blend of marketing, technological and data-driven expertise.

In case you don’t want to settle with mere survival, growth-hackers offer you process-based techniques to achieve unmatched growth. 

1) For a great kick-start to Startups

‘The third major cause of a startup failing is wasted advertising budget.’

-Statistic Brain Research Institute

Growth hacking is significant for startups just emerging into the fierce set-up of cut-throat competition and the ever-changing business environment. At such an early stage, every business needs to be fed with out-of-the-box creativity as well scientifically proven techniques to reach a broader audience and get a strong foothold in the market and that too within a decent time-frame and budget.

Snapchat had just ventured into the business world when it reached out to growth hacking to become the gem of a company it is now. 

2) Product Development

“Make stuff people want.” – Paul Graham

Marking product development as the focus of growth hacking strategies can lead to sustainable growth numbers. Cultivating a meaningful product experience is of utmost importance. No business desires random hype. It’s constant growth that drives everyone. And that is how customer psychology works. To keep customers getting back to you, the growth hacking agency creates a relevant product experience.


You can formulate two or more plans. Compare the ideas and work out the best one.


You can look up to your customers and analyze what captures then develop features to the product accordingly.

3) Budget Allocation

The methodology followed by growth hacking agencies is way different than what conventional marketers follow because all the endeavors of a growth hacking agency are centered around one thing and that is undoubtedly growth! Growth hackers build a plan first and then decide the budget that will fit the procedure. The key is to align the budget with the plans whereas traditional marketing involves the inverse process.

4) Setting objectives

In traditional marketing, goals are usually spelt out by management personnel say for a quarter or six months. However, a growth hacker will lay out little steps to undertake over a short period. In other words, growth hacking agencies define essential, specific and timely goals involving means rather than ends. Goal-setting also consists of experimenting with new variables.

5) Identification of Target Audience

You don’t need to reach out your campaign to anybody and everybody.  Finding the sweet spot among the audience that is most likely to convert into leads is what that interests business. Growth hacking agency will help you find and reach out to the target audience through techniques like Google AdWords, Facebook/Instagram ads, Banner advertising, and Email newsletters/marketing.

6) Improvement of UX

Lead conversions will amount to random hype if customers don’t get meaningful user experience. Imagine having millions of users but none using the product. The situation is fatal for your business. The growth hacker will work with the same data built by the UX designer. A growth hacker must cover are 







7) SEO Growth Hacking

SEO refers to attracting more traffic from search engines. A talented growth hacker will look into less competitive long-tail keywords which will get your site a better ranking on search engines. Here are some key areas which growth hackers will focus upon 

– Keyword Research

– Content Marketing

– Customer Journey Optimization

-Website Architecture and XML Sitemap

-Robots Meta Tags
You can use any of the growth hacks to grow your startup exponentially. 

8) Tracking Data 

‘Data is at the heart of growth hacking, and the hacks must be tested to determine what is effective and what isn’t.’


Growth hacking agency makes use of data analytics tools to acquire, study and improve traffic data. They will then accordingly formulate further strategies keeping in mind the target numbers. This is probably the best way to get a deep insight into business statistics. The most popular data analytics tools used by growth hackers are Google Analytics, MixPanel, BounceX, and ClickTale.

‘Growth Hacking is more of a mindset than a tool kit.’

 – Aaron Ginn

Well, we all know that small businesses are aware of customer-base and what customers want. The business owners might have tried various forms of marketing to push the market, but they may fail miserably.

Then, there comes the role of the growth marketing agency in the picture. A good growth hacking agency can reframe the marketing strategies and implement testing to see what the issues may be. From here, they will be able to fix the problems and businesses can experience remarkable growth. 

Hence, growth hacking is a weapon you cannot afford to miss out on in the dog-eat-dog business world.

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