Single Or Double Sided Flags, Picking The Best Option

So you have decided that you would like to purchase a custom flag for a group you are in. You search the internet for the best deal and keep coming across the option for a single or double-sided flag. You ask yourself, “aren’t all flags double sided?” The answer to that question would be – No.  But you shouldn’t beat yourself up over it, most people would assume that all custom flags are double sided, or that you can view the design correctly from either side.

Single Ply Flags-

A flag needs to be lightweight and have the ability to move freely in windy conditions. This is why most flags are constructed of a lightweight nylon or polyester material. This lightweight material is thin enough that if you were to hold it up to the light, you would see through it. Being this thin makes it impossible to print the design on both sides. Whether you are using screen printing or digital printing method, the design will bleed through and be able to be seen from the back, only the design will be in reverse. This “bleed-through” is what prevents the design from being printed on both sides.

Double Ply Flags-

To have the design read right on each side, you need to have a double ply. Each side will be printed and then sewn together with a blocker layer in between. While this adds a little weight but it achieves the desired effect of a banner that displays correctly from either side.

Blocker Layer-

The blocker layer is a lightweight layer in between the two printed layers of the banner. This layer prevents light and the design from each side from interfering with viewing the design.

Choosing a single or double-sided-

So why get a single-sided banner?  Considering that the design would be in reverse, it would be easy to assume that your custom flag had to be double-sided. When in fact they’re many instances where a single-sided banner would work for you, avoiding the cost of double sided flag. Here are a few situations where a single-sided option works.

Displaying against a wall – If you are going to hang your custom flag on the wall, having the design on one side would work fine.

Simple design with image or symbol- If your design consists of a simple image that has little to no text, a single-sided option can work. In most cases, people would not even notice, especially if it is displayed on a pole.

Being viewed from a distance – This is basically another take on the previous point, but If the banner will be seen from a distance, there is no need for there to be two plies. Most will just glance at it and never notice the backside being in reverse.

When you definitely need Double Sided –

If your custom design will have a large amount of text or a particular message, you should choose a Double sided flag. If the banner is to be viewed close up, you should consider a double-sided.

Conclusion- Custom business flags can be a useful tool. Automatically assuming you need a two-ply banner can cost you if single sided would work for your needs. In most cases, the cost for a double sided flag is close to double of a single sided flag. So consider carefully how the banner is going to be viewed and weigh all these considerations before you purchase a custom flag.

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