5 Types of Music Gear to Use for Festivals

Seasonal festivities are never complete without the glee of music festivals. Back in the days, musicians and dancers alike competed against one another as part of the Pythian games in ancient Greece. In this modern time, a lineup of bands play successively in popular music festivals such as Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, and Coachella. And behind every successful gig are the right music gears to bring along.

We’ve come up with a brief but extensive guide on what to use for your live performance on the next local or regional music festival.


Every gig location comes with unique consoles and equipment available. Experts suggest that you bring your own microphone to connect to the PA system. Pick a basic mic with high functionality that is widely compatible to most systems.  Some of the mic types to have in your possession includes a dynamic microphone, a condenser microphone, a couple of drum mics for the snare, hat, tom, or overhead, and a wireless lavalier microphone for the vocals.  Select a reliable brand as this will be your weapon for the whole event. A consistent microphone will bring lesser technical mishaps during performance time.  I highly recommend click here.


Fine-tune the default PA system provided by the venue with your very own standalone equalizer. This is the key equipment used in tweaking the output sound that fits best to the size of the venue and the level of noise in the environment. EQs also give you the leverage of adjusting frequencies should feedback problems come into play. With the right rack, you have the ability to adjust the reverb, sound compression, and enhance the overall sound of your equipment. The equalizer is the next most important tool you need in music festivals.

Mixing Desk

The heart and soul of your music is in your mixing console. This type of DJ equipment can make or break your performance during the event. This tool is your best friend when processing sound, adjusting the volume, setting the tone, and adding built-in effects. Modern equipment can now do a live recording of your mix during the festival when connected to a computer. A mixing desk is definitely one the music gears that you can’t afford to miss when playing at music festivals.

Instrument Tuners

It is a musician’s nightmare for instruments to go off key when playing live in an event. Which is why you need to pack instrument tuners. You have to understand that you are only given a limited time for sound check in music festivals. On top of setting up your gears, there are still other things you have to worry about. Save time in tuning instruments using clip-on tuners, which are very accessible these days. Even smartphone apps can be used for tuning when the equipment is plugged in the device. Find the best tuner that’s compatible with your instrument and which fits your needs best.

Extension Power Cables

While not a music gear, power cables are imperative in events too. Power outlets are mostly limited in music festivals, and the last thing you need is a non-starting equipment just because you can’t find an available power source to connect it to. Prepare for instances like this by carrying an extension power cable in your pack. With multitudes of equipment on stage, it is ideal to have your own cable as backup for electronic gears. Aside from that, extra outlets come handy in charging extra batteries should you need the backup mid set.

Preparing for music festivals can be a dainty task. But a comprehensive packing list of must-have gears will keep you prepared for any untoward incidents during your performance. Now that you know these things, you’re all set to rock on your next music festival.

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