Contact Lenses and Corneal Refractive Therapy and Your Eyes


There is a new cutting-edge vision-shaping treatment available to patients that are known as corneal refractive therapy. Paragon CRT is a type of contact lenses that offers patients corneal reshaping. Patients find this vision-shaping treatment an attractive option because of its ease and flexibility of use. You can discuss with your optometrist if you are a good candidate for Corneal Reshaping.

The fantastic part of corneal refractive therapy is that it requires no surgery. This means that you will not have any downtime in recovery after a treatment, which is a boon to those with busy work schedules and family life. Neither will you need to wear glasses nor contact lenses in the daytime hours. This is of huge benefit to those who work in an area where dust and wind can wreak havoc with the eyes when contact lenses are used, causing eye irritation or dryness of the eyes, or for those who play contact sports where wearing glasses is a hassle. It even makes simple tasks like applying makeup in the morning much easier, because of the visual clarity that you will attain with corneal refractive therapy. Another benefit that comes from using the specialized blue contacts is their flexibility in use.

Paragon CRT is the name of one of the corneal reshaping lenses that your optometrist may use when providing you with this vision-shaping treatment. The way Paragon CRT works is very simple. Paragon CRT is a type of contact lens that is designed to be worn overnight while you sleep. The Paragon CRT contact lenses are used to temporarily correct myopia, even if you also have moderate astigmatism. The contact lenses work while you sleep to gently reshape the surface of the cornea. When you awake, your vision is improved, and you can move on with your day without resorting to wearing glasses or contact lenses. This allows users to have clear vision round the clock. Patients of any age may be good candidates for this type of eye therapy.

Another benefit that comes from using specialized contact lenses is their flexibility in use. You may stop using them whenever you wish, with no permanent changes to your eyes. This is an impossibility if you had corrective eye surgery done, for example, and so it gives you a chance to try it out and see how it works for you with no lasting ill effects.

Your optometrist must be certified by the Food and Drug Administration to be qualified to offer Paragon CRT lens treatment to his or her patients. You can find out more about these and other eye therapies by visiting an optometrist’s website.

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