6 Ways IT Can Help Your Business Grow Faster

Technology can benefit every aspect of your business, making it faster, slicker, and more competitive

Very few modern businesses can survive without technology. Knowing how best to utilize it can mean the difference between a successful business and a failed one. It’s about more than just an email account and a hastily made website; it can revolutionize how you receive payments, how you advertise yourself to the public, and how easily your customers, suppliers, and clients can gain access to you.

A good grasp of IT may not be able to make up for bad business fundamentals, but if your business is struggling in the middle of the pack, changing the way you use technology can sharpen your competitive edge. Read below to find out how with tips from the experts at Syntax IT Support London.

Social media

Social media is the great democratizing force of the business. While even as recently as fifteen years ago, only the very largest businesses had the money to examine their customers’ behavior, now it’s as easy as logging in to a free social media account.

A well-run Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account will give your business authority over your customers, allowing you to communicate any desired message or image to them, as you want when you want. You can ascertain what clients like about your business and the areas you could improve upon. With social media, you have just as much marketing firepower as the biggest players in the marketplace by following the Best digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka.

Cloud storage

Gone are the days of costly storage devices and numerous emails bogged down with documents, thanks to the invention of the cloud. Unlimited storage and automatic backups are now available to every business. From the cloud, you can access documents from anywhere in the world, meaning you don’t need constant access to a particular laptop to check a specific document. Cloud computing resources help to reduce investment in technological infrastructures, optimize flexibility, mobility, security, reliability, and so on. So using cloud resources you will have many advantages as it makes your workflow easy especially nowadays when remote working is common and thanks to the cloud solutions you can get the necessary information from anywhere and anytime. You can also give your staff and clients access to your account, meaning you can collaborate on the same document simultaneously, increasing efficiency hugely.

Better marketing campaigns

Print, radio, and TV advertising is like paying to launch a hundred arrows into the air and hoping that a reasonable percentage of them hit their target. But digital marketing allows you to target your advertisements to a specific group of people who are likely to be interested in your services, based on their shopping, browsing, and social media habits. You can check results in real-time, rather than waiting for a campaign to end in order to gauge how successful it’s been, and you can have a two-way conversation with your audience, so you can refine the campaign even further.

Analytical tools

The amount of powerful analytical tools the internet offers provides small businesses with the knowledge necessary to make wiser decisions in a smaller space of time. For example, you can view the percentage of visitors to your website who are visiting via their mobile browser and tweak your page load speeds and website design to better suit them. You can view the gender balance and average age of your customer base, and adjust your advertising and products accordingly. With digital analytical tools, you have mountains of invaluable knowledge at your fingertips.

Web-based payment systems

Payment flexibility opens up whole new customer segments to small businesses, and web-based payment systems offer a variety of seamless ways to send and receive money, often by integrating with popular account programs.

Ease of communication

Digital communication frees businesses from the confines of geography. With Skype and social media, you can easily communicate with customers, partners, and rivals from across the world, trading knowledge and building bridges that widen your business’s horizons.


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