Rockit Rocker Makes For a Peaceful Baby

Now that I am a grandmother, I am loving new products that make moms’ lives easier.  I think about some of the struggles I have had and am amazed at how this new generation doesn’t have to deal with them.

I remember always having my youngest child on my hip.  She was one that needed to be held alot and to this day, even as a teenager she can be pretty clingy.  I remember moving her swing from room to room to try and keep her calm just so I could cook, clean, do dishes etc…  She never even slept in a crib – for a whole host of reasons, including her health.  Literally even when I wanted to take a shower – had to bring the swing in the bathroom.  We went to Michigan for a graduation – traveling for 20 hours – yup, had to bring the swing!

Check it out – now there is this awesome Rockit Rocker!  Such a cool device and I have to wonder what took so long to create this.  Our daughter constantly had to be moving.  We burned through three motors on our Fisher Price swing.  Thankfully they honored the warranty every time!  Now parents can get support in a device smaller than a Nerf football.  It is this amazing egg shaped device – Rockit Rocker.

The premise is very simple – attach this to a stroller, car seat, or even a portable crib and it provides a gentle rocking motion to help soothe your child.  You can even adjust the speed of the rocking.  It’s alot easier to take this little device everywhere you go rather than a full swing.  Imagine the ability to take a shower in peace without it causing a panic attack for your child.

I can see this being the most essential baby shower gift EVER!

Product Features + Benefits: 

  • Rocks any stroller 
  • Safe to use from birth
  • Showerproof – can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Quiet motor technology with adjustable speed.
  • Helping hand wherever you are, whether the airport, a restaurant, or even the zoo!
  • Place vertically on the side of your stroller handle
  • Easier than driving around the block!
  • Works best with rechargeable batteries (and good for the environment!) 
  • Age range: From birth to 36 months (with parental supervision)

Also available for purchase on Amazon – Rockit Rocker!

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