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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Mousse – Keto Friendly, Low Carb, Low Sugar

Ahhh.  Fall is almost here.  Although today was pretty warm, we felt a glimpse of the upcoming Fall weather yesterday when we needed to drag out the long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts.  That fire pit came in quite handy last night.  With this cooler weather we automatically think of apple picking, pumpkin picking and pies – lots of pies.

But lately we have been trying to limit our carbs as much as possible. I wouldn’t say we are keto but we do try to reduce sugar and limit carbs enough to be aware of what we are eating rather than mindless eating.  With that they all still want to have desserts and treats and today I am bringing you an awesome one!  Check out this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Mousse!

Now I am calling this a mousse but it could easily be used as a fruit dip or frozen as an ice cream.

The primary ingredient in this awesome treat in Whey Protein, Pumpkin Pie flavored by BNB Supplements.

Everyone knows this brand of protein is my absolute best favorite.  They have so many amazing flavors and you would never guess they were a whey protein.  One of the greatest features of this protein powder is that it mixes so easily and well making it perfect for recipes and to cook with.  These are great for thinking beyond smoothies and shakes!

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This is so easy to make – check it out.


16 ounces of heavy whipping cream

1/4 cup of sugar substitute (sugar free) (true measure)

8 ounces mascarpone

2 scoops BNB Supplements Pumpkin Pie Whey Protein Powder

1/2 cup sugar free mini chocolate chips

In a large mixing bowl, mix (with a mixer – not by hand) the heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form (consistency of whip cream – nice and thick).  Add in the sugar substitute and continue to mix with a mixer.  Once that is nice and thick, add in the mascarpone and slowly add in the protein powder as you continue to mix.

Fold in several sugar free mini chocolate chips once it is done.

Serve after being chilled for a few hours.

Now if by chance you care for a different flavor – they also have:  Mint Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Roll, Vanilla Ice Cream, Smooth Chocolate and Cake Batter!

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