Top Tips for Leading a More Efficient Lifestyle

For a lot of us, it can seem as if we don’t have enough hours in the day. Between work, family, hobbies, housework and the rest of it, it can feel as if we just can’t catch a break sometimes, and by the time night comes around, we fall into bed ready to sleep it off and do it all again tomorrow. However, what if someone told you that you could actually get more out of your days? That’s right. A lot of us don’t live very efficiently, and we don’t even realise it, and this is the reason why we’re always stressed, and feel as if we never have enough time to do anything. If this sounds like you, then these top tips could help you lead a more efficient lifestyle.

The Easy Way isn’t Always the Lazy Way

Live by this mantra: the easy way isn’t always the lazy way. Sometimes in life, cutting corners is necessary and it’s likely to make your life easier. We’ll look at an example.

Say that you needed to sell your house quickly – what do you do? Well, thinking outside of the box when it comes to selling technique is a good place to start. You could do some research on how to sell your house online, and take it from there. You’d soon find that there are an abundance of quick sale companies out there who will buy your home quickly for cash. Of course, do your research and find the company with the best reputation and make sure that you’re getting a fair price, but by scooting around the choice of a traditional sale, you make your own life a lot easier. You’re likely to save time, money and stress.

Of course this can’t be applied to anything, but always check and see if there is an easier way to do what you’re doing, whether it’s something big like selling a house or something trivial like making diner. It could make the world of difference.

Make the Effort to Stay off Social Media

In our society and culture, it’s often said that we are all, even slightly addicted to our mobile phones. You might read this and immediately think “well this isn’t me” but if you tallied up the amount of time you spend on your phone on the average day, you’d be surprised.

Think about waking up in the morning. What’s the first thing you do? For a lot of people, that’s scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or whatever platform they prefer for ten to fifteen minutes. Not to mention the checks throughout the day, your lunch break, tea time, and inevitably the hour or so you spend in bed scrolling before you go to sleep. Not only is it unhealthy, but it’s actually zapping a lot of your precious time without you even realising it.

Try thinking like this: every time you’re on your phone, and it’s stopping you from doing something else, put your phone down. Sure, scrolling is fine, but if it’s stopping you from doing something else, then effectively it’s wasting your time. Put your phone down and sign the paperwork, read the self-help book, get up ten minutes earlier to have a coffee and prepare for the day. You’ll be surprised at just how much more time you have when you aren’t spending chunks of it scrolling through Facebook.


Stop Multi-Tasking

A lot of people think that in order to be efficient, you have to be a talented multi-tasker, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s actually been proven that multi-tasking not only decreased productivity, but is actually unhealthy for your brain.

Be present, and concentrate on the task at hand – whether that be a work assignment, or simply making breakfast. The more focussed you are on each individual task, the more efficiently you will complete it, and furthermore probably to a better standard. Take things one step at a time. You HAVE time, it’s just about how you prioritise it.


Commit to “Me Time”

Finally, never be afraid to commit to some downtime for yourself. In fact, be sure to do it! Whether it be an hour on an evening, or that extra half hour in the morning, make sure you’re taking some time throughout the day to yourself.

Not only will this help you to relax and rejuvenate, but ultimately, it’ll increase your productivity and efficiency throughout the rest of the day too. Everybody needs to give their mind and their body that little bit of time to rest.


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