The Do’s and Don’ts of Cruise Traveling

Cruises are a great way to get out and see the world. And like any vacation, when you take a cruise it takes some planning as there’s always do’s and don’ts to consider. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser or taking your maiden voyage by sea, keep these tips in mind for your next vacation. 

Do’s of Cruising 

Plan ahead: Is a cruise calling your name? Then you’ll want to plan your getaway with plenty of time in advance. Whether you’re going somewhere tropical or embarking on an Alaskan cruise vacation, planning ahead is essential. This way, you can get the best deals when booking your reservations.

Pack strategically: Plan to pack a change of clothes in your carry-on. The staff is working hard to get all bags to their rooms at boarding time, but there’s a chance there could be delays. Additionally, always keep your passport on-hand. You’ll need it to board the ship and when you take part in the off-ship excursions.

Hit the gym facilities: It’s easy to feel cooped up during your journey. To avoid this feeling, keep active by utilizing the on-ship gym facilities. Cruise lines typically offer jogging tracks and fitness centers, while some provide studios that host fitness classes such as indoor cycling, yoga and TRX training.

Be polite to everyone: A little smile can go a long way. Be respectful and courteous to the cruise ship staff, as well as your fellow cruisers. 

Bring and wear sun protection: No matter what cruise you choose, remember to pack plenty of sunscreen. Not only does proper sun protection include sunscreen, it also means bringing along hats, sun glasses, sun-proof clothes and any other clothing items or accessories that can keep your skin protected from the sun during your travels.

Don’ts of Cruising 

Don’t be late: Traveling to meet your ship? It’s best to allow yourself plenty of time. Consider arriving to the departure city the night before. If you’re running late the day of the cruise ship’s departure, there’s a chance the ship might sail without you. 

Skip the excursions: There are plenty of reasons to take a cruise. Seeing the world is likely one of those reasons. Take advantage of all the excursions offered so you can see what’s out there. 

Don’t overdo it: There’s no doubt you’ll be eager to experience everything. However, you’ll have to come to terms with the fact that you won’t be able to do everything. Try not to overdo it with the activities that are offered, as well as the alcohol and food that’s available. Taking everything in moderation is highly advisable. 

Don’t let your sleep routine suffer: It’s not uncommon for your normal sleep routine to be disrupted wherever your travels take you. Remember to get enough shuteye during your cruise. And if you have trouble sleeping, consider packing sleep accessories like an eye mask, ear plugs or sleep supplements so you can wake up feeling more refreshed.


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