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Blipblox Toy Synthesizer

My son is autistic with developmental delays and he has been asking for a synthesizer.  He knows what he wants but doesn’t have the ability to use one that is designed for an adult or professional.  It is just too much for him.  Plus he plays with our 5 year old grandson all the time so it is always best to find toys that both of them can play together.  Blipblox makes sythesizing for both of them possible!

This may be a toy but it allows them to create some music that is quite sophisticated with a synthesizer and sequencer.  The nice chunky knobs and dials make it all possible no matter what age.

Looking for a MIDI in, ¼” mono audio output? Perhaps a Sequencer Freeze, Drum Solo and Drum Tweak modes? The Blipblox has all that and more as professional musicians were awestruck with the ability of small children to turn knobs and push levers and create a synthesized playbook.

The best part is they can use this without trying to remember where to connect anything, what to connect, what the function is etc… They just turn it on and start playing together.

This is an excellent tool to get children started with STEAM learning at an early age.  They will love the colors, the activities and how they can bring everything together.

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