Pampering Your Pooch: 5 Ways You Can Show Them a Great Time

Thinking of pampering your pooch and giving them a time of their lives? There is much more you can do than just taking them out to the park or giving them a generous helping of “chimken”. Did you know that the pet grooming industry, in 2018 was valued at $2130M? It is expected to grow and become a $3.58 Billion market by the end of 2025! There are not only better products in the market for pooches, but a plethora of services as well such as dog daycare. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 services you can consider for your pooch for a royally good time!

Pet Grooming (pocket pinch: $50-$100)

A pet grooming is much like a clean up us humans avail at salons. You might have tried to teach yourself some by reading dog care tips online, but pet grooming is a lot more than just a bath. Pet grooming includes trimming of nails, a haircut (depending on the fur of your dog), ear and eye cleaning, anti-flea/tick treatment, and an overall clean-up depending on the breed. Opt for a grooming clinic which handles lesser number of dogs a day. That ensures that your pooch wouldn’t be rushed through the process and enjoys a relaxing time. A good pet groomer will take their time to make a dog comfortable before providing the services. Ensure your dog isn’t stressed out during the process, which will beat the purpose.

Pet Massage (pocket pinch: $120-$150 per hour)

It’s not just humans who like to unwind and relax. Can you imagine how stressful it can be being the dog of the house – all the waiting around and running around and making sure everyone is happy? A trained canine masseuse specialises in dog anatomy and can understand and help alleviate any pain or discomfort your dog might be going through. We would recommend that you choose a therapist who is certified by The National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure and Massage, but there are other certifications out there as well. A pet massage session can include stretches, acupressure, setting (much like what a chiropractor would do), and other relaxation techniques.

Dog Pool Party (pocket pinch: $15 per dog / 2 hours)

If you are parents to a social pooch, throw a party. It could be a birthday party or a simple summertime splash. Great if you have a pool at home, but otherwise you can reach out to dog daycares which have pools and rent it out. That way, there is no cleaning up required as well. A dog pool party can be complete with floating animals, dog treats, snacks and drinks for the humans, and fun pool games for dogs and humans alike.

Date with your Dog (pocket pinch: $30)

You don’t have to leave your dog behind next time you go on a date. Take your pup along for a meal. And we aren’t talking pet-friendly restaurants where your dog will lie around. We are talking full gourmet experience for your dog as well. Right from shaved ice to dog treats, toys, bones, meals, and more, numerous establishments across the country are opening up shops for you and your pet to have a meal of your life!

Full Resort Experience (pocket pinch: $50 – $100 a night)

There are multiple luxury resorts and hotels that have opened up all across the country. They serve one purpose – showing your pooch the time of their lives. While you may have seen usual dog daycare or creches for when you go traveling, these luxury facilities provide a lot more than just a meal and a walk. They provide an experience which hopefully can relieve your dog of the tension of you not being around. A luxury resort for a dog would include a large cage free space, luxury bedding, sound proofing, entertainment facilities like television, swimming pool, hikes, beach access, and most importantly a dedicated human to connect with. So next time you are booking a resort for your next holiday, find the nearest pooch hotel for your dog and gift them an experience as well!

Every dog is different and there is no denying that the most important task for them is to stay around you. While luxury can mean a lot of things for us, love is the most important luxury they need and crave for. So if these ideas were too expensive for your pocket, remember that a cuddle can be as precious to your pooch than dollars worth of luxury.

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