Instacart – Make Money From Home, Part 3 Time To Start Shopping

Now that you know all there is to know about zones, batches and hours – you are ready to begin your Instacart shopper experience.

Accept a batch…  After you accept the batch you head to the assigned store.  If you don’t know how to get to that particular store, the app will offer you the option navigate through Waze.

Once you arrive at the store AND actually enter the store (and not before) slide the bottom where it says “slide to start shopping”.  If you “start shopping” before you are actually in the store, the time starts counting and Instacart could consider you as taking too much time to complete a batch.


Before you start shopping – scan through the items you need to start picking.  You want to have an idea of the way they are organized.  Don’t expect all dairy products to be together or all fruits and vegetables.  Try to keep them in your mind so you aren’t zig zagging all over the store 25 times.

As you find each item on the list you scan the bar code and say “found it”.  Many items may also need to be weighed.

If you can’t find it – select can’t find it and the app may provide alternatives, or it may have the directive by the buyer to be refunded.  In some cases you may think there is a more appropriate replacement and you have the option to push that through by following the app instructions.

When you have finished shopping proceed to the register – the app will even tell you to do so.

To cash out you need your green Instacart card which is preloaded with payment from the buyer.  You swipe it just like a debit or credit card.  The app will tell you which to swipe it as and if it tells you to swipe as debit, it will give you a pin number.


From there you will be prompted to start delivery – at which time you will receive the buyers address as well as the ability to navigate to their home.  If they have provided specific navigation tips it will be listed.

Once you arrive at the buyer’s location, unload the groceries and bring to their door.  Once they have accepted the groceries you can slide that your delivery is complete.  Do not slide it before they have accepted the groceries in case they aren’t home or some other unplanned situation occurs.  During the pandemic most deliveries will simply be left on the porch or location specified by the buyer – you will be prompted to take a photo of exactly where you left the groceries.

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