How an English Speaker can Learn Greek Quickly?

The Greek language is one of the main languages in Europe and Asia. For many centuries, starting from ancient times, a person could be considered educated only if he was fluent in Greek. Greek language, many have an association with the ancient Greek this is a language that has made an invaluable contribution to enriching the large stock of a huge number of other languages. One of the oldest written languages of the world and the oldest written language with the richest literary tradition in Europe, Greek.

Importance of Greek language

People come and move to Greece for various reasons. This is mainly a desire to live in Europe and a warm country, marriage, higher education, investment and business, love specifically for Greece. For those who are in love with Greece, they often come on vacation for a long time, want to move to permanent residence, who already live, got married, have a business

1) Modern Greek language learning allows you to freely communicate with local residents. Despite the goodwill of the Greeks, communicating with them in their native language, the Greeks are more willing to enter into a conversation. By facial expression, you can immediately determine how pleased they are to hear native speech from a foreigner.

2) Thanks to the knowledge of the language, you can come closer to understanding the Greek mentality, as well as get acquainted with the culture of Greece, is very important if you want to live here. As Nelson Mandela said: “If you speak to a person in a language that he understands, you will turn to his mind. If you speak with him in his native language, you are turning to his heart. ” This statement works for any nationality. Try to feel the difference yourself by speaking with the Greeks in English and Greek.

3) It is easier to make new acquaintances among the local population in Greek, despite the fact that almost all the population of the country speak international English. Simply, the Greeks are most pleased to communicate in their native language. Accordingly, new acquaintances give friendship, opportunities, help and prospects.

4) Fluency in the Greek language increases the chances of finding a job. Almost everywhere, a requirement for knowledge of the Greek language at least at the conversational level.

5) Living in Greece, knowledge of the language makes it possible to watch films and news programs without any assistance with translation.

6) If you have children, Greek language learning makes it possible to help your child with homework.

7) Knowledge of the Greek language makes it possible to read the literature of ancient philosophers in the original.

8) Greek is the ancient language of the cradle of democracy, science and philosophy. In antiquity, the ancient Greek language was an international language. Discussions were held at it, trade deals were concluded and scientific works were written. This language is very beautiful and does not look like any of the other languages of the world.

9) Knowledge of the Greek language allows us to understand the origin of so many words used in other languages in the field of medicine, science, education and other fields. It is very interesting and informative.

10) Fluency in the Greek language allows you to enter any university in Greece and study in it on an equal basis with other students. By the way, foreign citizens (that is, not Greeks) do not need to take entrance exams. Higher education in Greece is free. The diploma is recognized in other countries. Many use training in Greece as an opportunity to move to Europe.

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