Reasons car’s air conditioner taking so long to cool

Know about work, problem, solution, consumption and uses of air conditioner. Basically, air conditioning is a fridge suitable for the automobile:

  1. A compressor rotates thanks to a pulley connected to the engine; it sucks the refrigerant in gaseous form. Then, it compresses it, which has the consequence of increasing its temperature, up to 110 degrees!
  2. This gas is sent under high pressure in a first radiator called condenser subjected to forced ventilation, which has the effect of causing its condensation, it then turns into liquid at high pressure.
  3. The fluid is then at +/- 60 ° C, it is filtered and removed from the water it contains, which prevents icing. The fluid, always at high pressure, opens into an expansion valve: it expands and its pressure drops, this causes a very rapid drop in temperature is +/- 15 ° C.
  4. The fluid passes into a second radiator, called evaporator, where it resumes its gaseous form. This is how cold is generated – around 0 ° C – and the air flowing through the evaporator is pulsed into the passenger compartment by the car’s heating system (air vents).
  5. At the exit of the evaporator, the refrigerant is in the low pressure vapor state and is sucked by the compressor for a new cycle.
  6. Convenient in summer to cool off, air conditioning is also very useful in winter because moisture is easily removed, which prevents fogging. Practical and supportive at the same time!

Problem faced without air conditioner

Bad smell: The maintenance of an air conditioning is generally limited to the change of the filters according to the instructions of the maintenance booklet. The operation is essential because the filters become dirty as the kilometers traveled. In the long term, air conditioning tends to recycle allergens: pollens, fungi from molds, mites… So many elements that represent an embarrassment even a danger for health, especially for sensitive people such as asthmatics, allergies, and a sign that does not deceive? Bad odors when the air starts.

Good to know: A little water flowing under the car when the air conditioner works is not a sign of a failure, it comes from the moisture extracted from the evaporator. The water is removed by a small pipe which ejects it under the engine.

The solutions: The operation of refilling the installation with refrigerant gas costs, on average, a hundred Euros. As for the replacement of the filter, count about 50 Euros.

Important: If your air conditioning does not have to be running constantly, we advise you to activate it regularly. In fact, prolonged shutdown can lead to deterioration of joints and connections – which have become dry – with the risk of increased leakage.

Air conditioning and consumption

When it works, the air conditioning increases, sometimes significantly, the fuel consumption of your vehicle. That said, opening the windows to ventilate the cabin is not more comfortable than air conditioning and also leads to a significant increase in consumption. Finally, be aware that refrigerant gases are harmful to the environment, so they must be managed by automotive professionals equipped with adequate equipment.

Some tips for use

  • When starting, open all the windows to ventilate and then cool the cabin by forcing a little air conditioning.
  • To avoid health problems, such as torticollis, conjunctivitis or colds, do not direct the airflow to the face or body, but on the windshield, on the feet, or both at the same time.
  • The air blown by an air conditioning being dried, it is essential to hydrate yourself properly.
  • And then, something obvious, try to park your car in the shade: it will be as much gained at restart!

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  • Rentluxecar

    The reasons for a malfunctioning condition are numerous, ranging from the banal contamination of the system (inside, outside and inside) to ĸpecific malfunctions that require replacement of parts and entire assemblies. I like to rent cars, there are no problems with them. Thank you! Great article!

  • Benjamin

    Thanks for these tips. In fact, I recently changed the BMW radiator fan because one of the vents somehow broke. I think this is due to a long service because my car is quite old. The most important thing is to find a good auto mechanic and supplier

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